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The modern office is wherever there is an internet connection and nice coffee if you are lucky. No longer is the average employee confined by an office. Remote workers can finish their work across the other side of the globe. Sometimes though, finding a good place to work can be a challenge. Bproperty went out and tested the best spots around the city to pick up free internet.

The Backyard Chef

The food at this restaurant is very high quality. There is much talked about their T-bone steak and mouthwatering burgers. They also bake their own cakes, ideal to go with a tea or coffee, while working. Ask the staff for the password and you are good to go.


13, Ravindra Sharani, Sector 3

Connection Rating: 7/10

Coffee World, Uttara

It’s considered one of the best cafes in Dhaka. The service is with a smile, the interiors are cozy and the setting is intimate. This is the kind of place you could while away the hours, getting lost in your work. The coffee is delectable and the environment is conducive to contemplation.


Ground Floor Jashimuddin Ave

Connection Rating: 6/10

Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel

Five star hotels come with an esteemed reputation. This hotel is close to the airport, with nice decorations and salubrious interior designs. It has a swimming pool and beautiful architecture. This is the Wi-Fi spot for professionals on the go, perhaps trying to complete a presentation before boarding an international flight.


Airport Road, Dhaka Cantonment

Connection Rating: 9/10


The Japanese food here is sublime. The chef is a very experienced Japanese specialist. The prices are high but it’s a special occasion kind of place. The internet is also free so maybe you can enjoy your sushi over a number of hours; pretend you are struggling with the chopsticks.


House no 4C, Rd No 71

Connection Rating: 8/10

Royal Park Residence

A cosmopolitan luxury in the heart of Dhaka. Nestled in the diplomatic enclave of Banani and Gulshan, and within 20 minutes of the airport, this hotel answers your every need. Most importantly it has free internet. The staff are so friendly that for just one small cup of tea you can probably stay all day on the Wi-Fi with no eyebrows raised; maybe buy a pastry as the day draws to a close.


House 85 Rd. 25A Block A Banani

Connection Rating: 7/10

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