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In our country, we have two types of residential property seekers. One, the buyers and the others are tenants. Most tenants in our country look for a moderate apartment as they plan to save money and purchase one of their own. However, there is a very niche market for tenants who look for ultimate luxury, even in a rental apartment. They don’t compromise with quality or the size of the property, they prioritize their needs first. If you are one of the special few and looking for apartments, you will be able to relate. For you, we have picked some of the finest rental apartments in Gulshan and Banani, available right now.

A scenic Gulshan-02 Apartment

Within a few minutes walk from the Lakeshore Hotel, we have this luxury apartment at the edge of Banani lake. It is a 3-bed apartment; attached bath in all of them. Plus, there are plenty of rooms for all your furniture and belongings. However, a specialty of this apartment is the location. Being really close to Banani lake and Banani road 11, this location is the perfect combo of all the amenities we look for. Just the perfect amount of quietude and just the perfect location for you to commute.

Lavish 3000 SQ FT apartment in Gulshan

Street view from Gulshan 2
Street view from Gulshan 2

If you need a bit more space, try considering this one. It is 4 bed, 4 bath apartment on Gulshan 02, road 35. You can pretty much guess the rest. Yes, they are top notch as well. On the other hand, as this apartment is on road 35, which is really close to Gulshan avenue main road. Supershops like Agora is just around the corner. If you are already familiar with this area, you would know the value of this location.

South Facing Luxury Rental Apartment IN Gulshan

Compared to these two above, this one is bit smaller but it can be just the one you are looking for. Being in road 41, this apartment is just opposite to Hotel Amari Dhaka. If you drive down the Banani bridge towards Gulshan, you will find this on your left. Also, as it is a south facing apartment and Banani lake is nearby, you will be one of those lucky ones to enjoy the fresh breeze. Also, the living room come hallway has a wall to wall window for maximum sunlight and ventilation.  As a cherry on top, you can always take afternoon strolls beside the lake or in your neighborhood. Can life get any better than this?

Ultimate Luxury In Banani Concord Apartment

Among our top 5 apartment picks, this one is the largest. A massive 3272 SQ FT apartment with 4 huge bedrooms and attached bathrooms is the luxury dream to many. With almost all the modern facilities available, this apartment is located in one of the most demanded places in Banani, road 25. Just a minute walk from the Dhaka-Mymensingh Highway and Banani Graveyard, this road is covered with a tree tunnel. Not too close to the main road and not too deep inside the neighborhood, this rental apartment could be your next choice.

A Modern Apartment In Banani Road-07

This part of Banani is more popular than the other as the iconic Banani road 11 is within spitting distance. Amid the constant buzz, road 07 is comparatively peaceful and quiet than the others. Here, we have this premium 4 bedrooms luxury apartment. Particularly, this apartment has central air condition, central heating, service elevator, reception and all the modern facilities you can think of. However, all these don’t come so easily. Before you fix on an apartment, we recommend at least visit and check out this fine apartment.

We know what your needs are and this is why we specially picked these 5 premium rental apartment for you to choose. Hopefully, you will find yours among them.

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