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The tendency to share a room with others is slowly increasing among today’s youth. Whether to study or for a job, young people are coming to big cities every day from rural and suburban areas. However, the number of homes in cities hasn’t increased along with the growing population. Even rent in busy metropolitan areas like Dhaka, Chattogram, and Sylhet have increased at an unusual rate. As a result, sharing rooms have become common in the big cities. Sharing a room with someone you barely know can be difficult and uncomfortable at first. After all, everyone is different. And sharing a bedroom, kitchen, and even the bathroom can be quite challenging. But, humans are very social beings. By taking initiatives and compromising on some stuff, sharing a room might the situation enjoyable. So we are here today with 5 important tips on sharing a room that you should know.

Have an Understanding from the Beginning

a broken down room
Having an understanding between roommates will let you avoid conflicts

Maybe it’s not logical to compare, but people sharing a room needs to have an understanding with each other just as you would in a relationship. You should settle a few things with your roommate at the start. Maybe you have a problem with cigarette smoke but your roommate smokes. It can also be that you like to keep things tidy while the other person is unruly. Or maybe, your roommate is a night owl while prefer to go to bed early. Since everyone is different, you won’t be able to change someone’s habit even if you wanted to. However, what is possible is to talk and have an understanding with the person you are going to share the room.

Set Up Some Unwritten Rules for Sharing a Room

You are going to need a lot of things from time to time when living with someone else. And having a few misunderstandings isn’t impossible. From buying toothpaste and toilet paper to the volume of the music, having guests over, turning off the lights before going to sleep, tidying up the home; there might be misunderstandings with a lot of things.  But setting some ground rules will help prevent many such unwanted situations. Maybe it can be buying groceries at the start of the month, making a chores calendar, or set up a curfew time. If by setting up some rules allows you to have more respectful with each other, your life would become much easier.

Divide Up the Daily Work

a sink with water being poured
Tips on sharing a room: Discuss and divide up every chore

It is the responsibility of everyone living at the home to clean and organize it. There are also many tasks that need to be done on a regular basis. You need to ensure all those tasks are going accordingly to live in harmony. Since things break apart when there’s no proper rule, dividing up the daily tasks will increase understanding between everyone. And it is really important to have an understanding with the person you’ll be sharing a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.

Fix Problems While they are Still Manageable

chalkboard with teamwork writenn on it
Fixing up the problems when they began is one of the most important room sharing tips out there

A fight between roommates can begin from just about anything, from the smoke of a lit coil or turning off the light to the arrangement of furniture and shutting the window. It is possible to keep things manageable with a cool head, but letting an issue go out of hand can lead to conflict. That is why it is best to fix any issue or misunderstanding at its infantile stage. No matter how minuscule the problem is, any problem that arises should be acknowledged and solved.

Ensure Personal Space

Since there’ll be two people living at the home, you’ll both get to learn a lot about each other that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. So it is best to keep things between you as a sign of respect for each other. Be close as you need to be in order to live with each other, but you should not invade their personal space. This one of the most important tips on sharing a room. Personal space is different for everyone. That is why you need to get to know the individual living with you. Find out what the other person takes seriously and maintain yourself that way. The main thing is, you need to be respectful to those living with you. Then, and only then, can you expect to receive the same treatment.

Room sharing is the most common form of student housing in Bangladesh. And as the population keeps increasing every day, sharing a room is becoming quite common. That is why you need to make compromises and follow the 5 important tips on sharing a room we mentioned here. Did you share a room with anyone? How has your experience been like? Let us know in the comments section below.

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