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They say ‘Home is where the heart is’. It’s a place where you can be your true self. No matter where you stay for the entire day, in the end you will always find your way back to a place – called home. Many of you are still in search of that ideal home you often picture in your mind. In order to bring that vision into reality, today we made a whole new list of apartments for sale in January 2021. 

Cosy 1100 Sq Ft Apartment for Sale in Badda

The 1100 Sq Ft house in Badda is a comfortable abode for families who are looking for a pleasant location to reside. A standard sized house which fits the bill for families who love to live while sharing the warmth among each other. The apartment comes with a three bedroom along with two balconies attached to it. Both the dining and drawing are quite spacious, which also lie close to the kitchen. The kitchen cabinets have been painted with a vibrant color, red, which is just the perfect contrast of the walls. The east faced apartment also provides other facilities and amenities starting from security guard, cleaning services, 1 parking space for each apartment and 1 elevator to be shared by all. Considering all these features, we have placed it in the list of top apartments for sale in January 2021. 

Splendid 1576 Sq. Ft Apartment for Sale in Banasree


Banasree is a great place to live in. If you are someone who highly values the quality of the community you surround yourself with, then this apartment is for you. The 1576 Sq. Ft Apartment in Banasree is definitely going to be your deal of a lifetime. As soon as you enter the home, you will find a wide open dining space right next to the kitchen space. The apartment offers three bedrooms, two balconies attached with two bedrooms and one with the kitchen. A separate and luxurious drawing room adds more to the magnificent infrastructure of the entire house. Overall, the presence of other amenities like parking space, elevators, prayer room and others made this a deserving  apartment for sale in January 2021.

Grand 1335 Sq. Ft Apartment for Sale in Shiddeshwari


Who does not want to be a part of Shiddeshari? The fact that it lies in the center of Dhaka city and consists of several various schools and colleges, will automatically make this 1335 Sq. Ft Apartment in Shiddeshwari a preferable choice for many. The overall design of this apartment in Shiddeshwari is pretty unique. The apartment has a huge dining room, which can give you the vibe of warmth and make you feel more welcoming. Each bedroom along with the kitchen has an attached bathroom. The two bedrooms and kitchen has an attached balcony, which balances the internal environment of the home. Apart from these, the apartment is well-equipped with CCTV, electricity backup and other facilities, like intercom, cleaning services, maintenance services and on. Composed of all these features, this elegant apartment in Shiddeshwari is now on our list of apartments for sale in January 2021. So hurry up and grab the chance of being a proud owner of this apartment.

Classy 1700 Sq. Ft Apartment for Sale in Khilgaon


The huge 1700 Sq Ft Apartment in Khilgaon will top any other property on our list. This apartment is all set to provide you various kinds of comforts and luxuries you might be seeking from your apartment. Starting from three bedrooms to three bathrooms, this apartment comes with a large dining space. Right beside the dining space there is a corner for the living room, with a hall space attached to it. There are two balconies and a spacious kitchen in the apartment. The entire building lobby, 1 elevator on each building, parking space, electricity backup, maintenance and cleaning services. To sum it up, this is a home of your dreams. Thus, this property has been selected as one of our major apartments for sale in January 2021. 

These are the top 4 apartments for sale in January 2021 in Dhaka that recently became available. There are plenty of more wonderful properties available on for you to choose from. Do let us know in the comment section below if you liked any of them.

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