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A new home is a new identity and the search for something new or better is a never-ending need for many people. If you are someone who aims to start anew and maybe looking for a more suitable place to call home, what can be a better time than now to buy an apartment? Team Bproperty is here to help you out with just that by finding the home you have been dreaming to own for ages. Over the years, we have successfully provided our clients with a great set of apartment options, tailored according to their preferences. The following listings are some of the best apartments for sale in November 2020.

Remarkable 2440 Sq Ft Apartment For Sale in Bashundhara R-A


Bashundhara R-A is considered as an outstanding residential area, which makes settling there a dream for many. This 2440 sq ft apartment in Bashundhara R-A near Playpen School can make that dream come true. With such great connectivity, presence of shopping malls, educational institutions and renowned hospitals in the vicinity, you definitely want to live in such an area.

This north faced apartment consists of all sorts of luxury and convenience which are highly sought after by everyone. Along with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, this apartment also offers a wider dining and drawing space. In total, there are 4 balconies and a huge kitchen space in addition to a separate bedroom for the attendant. You will also find a storage space inside the kitchen to reserve all your essential items in that specified area. The entire building has one elevator, 1 parking space, maintenance staff, as well as security guard and cleaning services. One of the best parts of living here is its electricity backup service, which will ensure electricity supply in case of any form of emergencies. Hence, it is considered as one of our top apartments for sale in November 2020. 

Notable 1680 Sq Ft Apartment For Sale in Dhanmondi 


While wondering about the heart of Dhaka city, the name Dhanmondi is surely going to pop into your mind. This area is a true depiction of a developed zone along with a vibrant environment. The entire locality is renowned for the presence of a great transportation system, modern housing facilities, advanced healthcare services, a variety levels of commercial businesses, and elegant lifestyle.

If you also want to enjoy all these luxuries of life in one place, this north faced 1680 sq ft apartment in Dhanmondi is surely a perfect fit for you. This entire apartment is wonderfully designed with 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a dining and a living space. The living area is quite spacious and thus can be used alternatively as a drawing room. The entire apartment has been secured with cctv surveillance along with a 24 hour concierge service. There is a lobby and a terrace in the building, cleaning facilities, 1 elevator, a separate service elevator, and a 1 parking space. Also, the fact that it comes with all such exclusive services makes this apartment a lucrative deal for anyone. Hence, this apartment is one of the best apartments for sale in November 2020. 

Astounding 2200 Sq Ft Apartment For Sale in Mirpur DOHS


The area Mirpur DOHS is no less than a gold mine for property hunters nowadays. If you want to get a vibe of a thriving area, this 2200 sq ft apartment in Mirpur DOHS is undoubtedly a good deal. A peaceful neighborhood with amazing modern housing features are something to look forward to in Mirpur DOHS.

This south faced apartment comes with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. One great aspect of this entire apartment is its enormous drawing and dining rooms, which will allow you to redesign the whole space in your own way. One great advantage of this apartment is its separate attendant bedroom which is attached to the kitchen area. Other than that, this apartment is furnished with services like backup electricity, elevators, 1 parking space, broadband internet, cctv surveillance, maintenance staff, cleaning services, an intercom connection, and security guards. Such a readymade apartment in Mirpur DOHS is one of our top apartments for sale in November 2020. 

Lavish 1600 Sq Ft Apartment For Sale in Uttara


Uttara is an amazing area where you can reside to stay away from the hubbub of city life. Also if you are opting for an apartment within an affordable range, this west faced 1600 sq ft apartment in Uttara is a very good opportunity for you. One unique feature of this apartment is its attached balcony and washroom with each and every bedroom, which is quite rare to find in apartments nowadays. Other numerous amenities like parking space, balcony, service elevators, 24 hours concierge, electricity backup and maintenance adds more to comfort and convenience. Hence, this apartment is an ideal home for anyone who desires to find all these services and facilities together from a single apartment.

So these are our top 4 apartments for sale in November 2020 in Dhaka which are now being offered to you. To find out more about such great apartment options, our website  is always open to you. Do let us know in the comment section below if you liked any of these listings or you are looking for something different.

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