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College life consists of some of the most memorable days for students. The two years spent in college is when many students shape their future. Keeping the importance of this phase of their life, parents often choose a location to live that’s close to the best colleges of the city. And areas in Dhaka North like, Uttara, Dhanmondi, Mirpur, Gulshan have some of the best colleges in the city. Dhaka North City Corporation or popularly known as DNCC, has some of the best planned neighbourhoods in the city.  There are many reasons to live in Dhaka North. Lifestyle, value for money, access to daily amenities are some to name a few. However, Dhaka North consists of some of the best colleges of the city. That is why, for parents and students of HSC candidates this is the education hub of the city. Today we have picked the top colleges of Dhaka North for you. 

Rajuk Uttara Model College

Rajuk Uttara Model College
RAJUK Uttara Model College is one of the most prestigious colleges in Uttara

In 1994, Rajuk Uttara Model College started its journey with the slogan “Education for Humanization”. Years later, it is now considered one of the best colleges of the city. Located in Uttara sector 6, this educational institution is the first choice for people living in Uttara. Even though this institution isn’t as old as some other institutions on the list, there is no denying that in a very short amount of time Rajuk Uttara Model College has groomed some of the best minds of this generation. It follows a co-educational system and has two shifts. Apart from academic success, Rajuk Uttara Model college also encourages students to excel in extra curricular activities as well. The debating club of this college has participated in national level debating competitions on many occasions. From hostel facilities to medical safety to counseling servicing, Rajuk Uttara Model college looks beyond just academic success. 

Dhaka Residential Model College 

Located in Mirpur Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka Residential Model College (DRMC) is one of the top colleges of Dhaka North. Standing on a whopping 52 acres of land, this is without a doubt one of the biggest campuses in the entire Dhaka city. Since its establishment in 1960, DRMC has maintained it’s academic quality and continues to do so.

What separates Dhaka Residential Model College from the other colleges on the list is the ‘House Facility’. There are 6 different houses for students and in each house, up to 1000 students can be accommodated. In the last decade, Dhaka Residential Model college has always ranked on the best results list of higher secondary exam results.

Dhaka Commerce College

Dhaka Commerce college
This was the first ever Commerce group specialized college of the country.

Dhaka Commerce College started its journey in 1989. Initially the institution operated in rented houses at Lalmatia and Dhanmondi, however, in January 1995, it shifted to its own campus at Mirpur 2. This was the first ever Commerce group specialized college in the country. The institution which began its journey with only 98 students now has almost 7,000 students. Initially there were 4 teachers and 1 staff which has now increased to 137 and 117 respectively. This growth has been possible due to its educational quality, which has been remarkable so far. For people with homes in Mirpur, Dhaka Commerce college is definitely the first choice when it comes to higher secondary education. With a promise of politics and a smoking free environment, this college also attracts the people living outside Mirpur as well. People sometimes consider living in Mirpur just to have easy access to this institution.  

B.A.F Shaheen College

Bangladesh Air Force Shaheen College, or BAF Shaheen College, is a private educational institution run by the Bangladesh Air Force. Formerly known as Shaheen School, it started its journey in 1960 as an English Medium school. The Bangla version of this institution was introduced in 1967. In 1978, Shaheen College came into being. Located near Jahangir Gate, the list of top colleges in Dhaka north can’t be complete with the mention of B.A.F Shaheen College. In the last five decades, this institution has given life to many talented students who were academically acclaimed in many different international platforms as well. This co-educational college has over 6000 students and over 120 teaching staff.

Holy Cross College

Holy cross college
There are no other branches of Holy Cross college other than the one located in Farmgate

Holy Cross College is a Catholic higher secondary school for girls, located at Farmgate in Dhaka. Among all the prestigious colleges in Dhaka North, Holy Cross college has the most unique curriculum system. Here they follow a holistic educational system that inspires students to grow as a self-sufficient individual. Established in 1950, the college started with 5 students and now it has about 2500 students who dream to make a change. Presently, the faculty consists of 47 teachers. The unity in students of Holy Cross college is quite commendable. No matter where they go, they feel proud to call themselves a student of this prestigious college. There are no other branches of Holy Cross college other than the one located in Farmgate. The Holy Cross college offers a completely different academic culture and when it comes to performance, it is one of the top ranked institutions of Dhaka.

St. Joseph Higher Secondary School

Established in 1954 as the “St. Joseph English Medium School”, the current campus of St. Joseph Higher Secondary School is at 97, Asad Avenue, Mohammadpur, Dhaka. The institution was initially named “St. Joseph High School”. In 2001 Higher Secondary Education which is equivalent to college, was introduced in Saint Joseph, changing the name of the institution to “Saint Joseph Higher Secondary School”. The school is recognized by the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The higher secondary level offers H.S.C (equivalent to A level) examinations. The curriculum includes both Bengali and English versions. 

Govt. Bangla College

Govt. Bangla college is situated on the north-west corner of Dhaka city along the western side of Mirpur Darus-salam Road. On a land of 16 acres, Bangla college provides a hustle free natural atmosphere. Established in 1962, Bangla college has an interesting history to its name.

Though in the present context this name does not bear any significance, the scenario was quite different in the 1960s. During the time of Pakistan, English was the medium of instruction in all spheres of higher education. Besides, Urdu was introduced as a medium of communication. In such circumstances some scholars of this country wanted to set up a Bangla University to encourage the students to study in Bangla Medium. The establishment of Bangla College was the first step in this regard. At a time when English and Urdu were used in all colleges, Bangla was then used only in this college. Because of its historical background and heritage, this is still one of the top colleges of Dhaka North. However, being a govt. college, the seats are quite limited so many students miss out on admission here.

All these colleges have maintained a certain standard of education and continue to do so. Being one of the most well-structured areas of the city, Dhaka North surely consists of some of the best colleges in the city. It is safe to say that, for years to come, these colleges will still hold the same reputation as they do now.

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