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This promises to be a big year for skyscrapers. China has several big projects due to be completed by the end of the year, cementing its position as a global superpower. The next few years will see an abundance of mega tall skyscrapers (over 600 meters) being constructed.

As it stands the tallest building is the Burj Khalifa which reaches to a height of 828 meters. The competition is heating up though, with the Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia expected to claim the title when it opens in 2020 at a height of 1,000 meters.

1. Ping An Finance Center, China

This will be the tallest building to be completed in 2016 stretching to 599 meters, just a meter short to define itself as a mega tall skyscraper. Once the doors open in Shenzhen, the skyscraper will usurp the title held by One World Trade Centre in New York, and will be the fourth tallest building on earth.

2. Goldin Finance 117, China

Another strong entry from China which will reach a height of 597 meters when completed later this year in Tianjin. A distinctive diamond-like form will top the structure. Designed by Chinese firm P&T Group the building was originally meant to a fin-like shape at the summit but this was changed to faceted glass.

3. Lotte World Tower, Korea

This tower will be the tallest skyscraper on the Korean peninsula, outdoing the current record holder by over 200 meters. The 555 meter-high skyscraper will offer shops, offices and even a seven-star hotel. Worryingly some sinkholes were discovered at its base, despite that the completion date is still on track.

4. CTF Finance Center, China

Number four on the list of tallest buildings to be erected in 2016 is the CTF skyscraper in Guangzhou. This building will hit the sky at a distance of 530 meters. It will join another, similar tower on the site both of which overlook the Pearl River. The 111 floors will encompass offices, a hotel, a shopping center and a viewing deck.

5. Wuhan Center Tower, China, by ECADI

This attractive building is designed by East China Architectural Design and Research Institute (ECADI). It has two matching curtain walls of curved glass said to resemble a ship’s sail. With 438 meters of space to utilize inside will boast apartments, offices and a hotel.

6. Marina 101, UAE

Although dwarfed by the Burj Khalifa, the Marina 101 stands tall at 426.5 meters and will be the second tallest building in the United Arab Emirates. It was originally set to be completed in 2016 but failed to meet its deadline. The lower levels will house the first Hard Rock Hotel in the Middle East. Above that holiday apartments and a restaurant with panoramic views will be in situ.

7. Eton Place Dalian Tower 1, China

Judging by this list alone, real estate is still booming in China. Dalian, where the buildings is located is nicknamed the ‘Hong Kong of Northern China’ and is the trading and financial center of the region. The fast-growing city has already got 11 skyscrapers, over the height of 200 meters, with a few others in the pipeline. The building is four years overdue.

8. Vostok Tower, Russia

Eighth on the list is another building that missed its 2015 completion date. This will claim the record for Europe’s tallest building from the Mercury City Tower also in Moscow. The two buildings form part of Moscow’s Federation Tower complex.  Standing at 381 meters the Vostok Tower is the tallest of the five towers in the mixed-use complex, that features two hotels, offices and the compulsory observation desk.

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