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Asia, the Earth’s largest and most populous continent, is home to many exotic islands. Totaling 30 percent of the planet’s land area, the Asian continent is also the location of the very first civilizations. This, the world’s most diverse continent, also has the largest coastline spanning over 62,800 kilometers. Its coastline offers up many exotic islands some have been developed but many lay undiscovered. Here are ten of the best islands to own an apartment in Asia.

Phuket, Thailand

Thailand’s biggest island has been on international travelers’ sights for some time now and that is not surprising given its aquamarine lagoons and ruby sunsets. Romance envelops the air as young and old courtships are brought closer by the intimate surroundings. Watersports are the entertainment option of choice for visitors with divers from across the globe going deep under the sea to catch a glimpse of Nemo in the flesh.

  • Price for a two-bed with a sea view: US$ 197,672

Ko Samui, Thailand

Another entry from one of the world’s most beautiful countries is not a surprise. Ko Samui has a well-established tourism economy having developed its reputation long before the other islands became popular. Many of the resorts are suited to an upmarket client: litter-free roads, top-class cuisine, and luxurious spas attract a combination of young adults looking to party and middle-class couples on their once-in-a-lifetime holiday.  

  • Price for a two-bed condo 200 meters from the beach: US$ 158,252

Bali, Indonesia

When you go to Bali it’s like you have brought to life the classic cliché holiday postcard. Fine white sandy beaches stretch for miles dotted with perfect restaurants serving gently grilled delicacies from the bright blue sea. Bali is a popular destination for honeymoons as it ticks all the boxes. The warm sea, friendly people and tasty food get it on most top Asian island lists and it very much earned its reputation. If you grow weary of the beach bum lifestyle you can immerse yourself in the cultural capital Ubud, where everything from yoga to silver-smithing classes is on offer.

  • Price for a two-bed apartment in Kuta Bali: US$ 152,751

Gili Trawangan, Indonesia

With over 17,500 islands in the world’s largest archipelago, it is not surprising that at least two would make this list. The Gili islands are a paradise of global proportions and rank closely to Bali as contenders for Indonesia’s top destination. It was once described as a tropical Ibiza but western money matured the island. Now, 200 room hotels have colonized the wild west coast but not far off the popular tracks you can find sandy lanes with wild-haired kids playing board games and local people going about their day-to-day unaffected by the stream of investment capital that has gripped the once remote island.

  • Price for a one-bed apartment: US$ 90,000

Sri Lanka

Some say that Sri Lanka is a hidden gem: endless tourists have zoomed passed on an airplane on their way to somewhere more established. But, Sri Lanka’s attraction is irrefutable. There are few countries that have eight Unesco World Heritage Sites in such a small area. These heritage sites are showpieces of the country’s 2000 years of culture and can be experienced by visiting ancient sites and memorable temples, which bring the past to life.

Cebu, The Philippines

This the most densely populated island in the Philippines is second only to Luzon in its importance to the country. Visitors come in great numbers to explore its white golden beaches and divers from across the world dive deep into the warm transparent seas to investigate the life below the surface.

Boracay, The Philippines

This 500-metre wide island is on the road to becoming the top tourist destination in the Philippines. It is often included in the World’s best islands lists and the hype is, for the most part appropriate. The centerpiece is the 4km picture-perfect white beach decorated with bars, restaurants and dive shops. Investment is building at a rapid pace, and this is likely to offer both pros and cons. It is important for the local planning authority to think long-term and avoid the perils of the more tourist dominated areas in Thailand.

  • Two-bed apartment: US$ 186,693

Havelock, India

The most popular of the Andaman Island is a snorkelers delights. Along with adventurous snorkeling, jungle treks are open possibilities. But for the less active people luxury resorts are there to offer spas and delicious fresh seafood.

  • Buy 30,000 sft of sea facing land for: US$ 1,046,268

Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi Island is the biggest of the 99 island archipelago which makes up Langkawi Permata Kedah off Malaysia’s west coast. It boasts of a UNESCO World Geopark owing to its diverse wildlife. Of course, there are also many diving spots and its clear waters make spotting kaleidoscopic fish an easy task.

  • Apartments can be bought for US$ 151,408

Jeju, South Korea

This hot tourist spot called ‘the island of the gods’ is now one of the new seven wonders of nature. Romantic sunsets, a mild climate, and gorgeous beaches make this a top destination for investors hoping to get an easy rental income. The views from Mount Halla, South Korea’s highest mountain are unrivaled. It is also very easy to get a residents visa.

  • A very large apartment will cost you: US$ 575,325

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