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Over 2 million people in Dhaka are currently residing in rented houses. The number is not likely to go down any time soon. Dhaka, being the center of commercialism and education in the country, is a popular choice among tenants.
As tenants, we are constantly on the hunt for a safe abode. To make this journey easier, we brings you some of the trendiest locations for rent in Dhaka.


Gulshan ranks number one in our list of top areas to rent in. It is a posh neighborhood in the heart of Dhaka. Although the locality was initially intended towards residential use, over the years, an abundance of commercial buildings have made their appearance. Many local and multinational companies such as Banglalink, Standard Chartered Bank, IDLC, P&G, GSK, Reckitt Benckiser, and Siemens are currently headquartered in Gulshan. This has made Gulshan a popular choice among office going people. Catering to the taste of its affluent neighborhood, Gulshan has emerged with an array of supermarkets like Shwopno, Agora, Unimart and Lavender, as well as shopping malls such as Shopper’s World, Pink City and many more. Residents of Gulshan have easy access to a number of health care centers including Gulshan Group Clinic, Retina and Eye Center, Sikder Women’s Hospital, etc.
Gulshan is well known for housing numerous embassies and private clubs. Gulshan Club, International Club, American Club, Canadian Club, and Dutch Club are some of the more prominent ones that makes Gulshan an attractive residence for foreigners.
There are a number of fully furnished and ready apartments for rent in Gulshan. A furnished apartment of 2500 – 3000 sqft can be rented at BDT 150,000 – 250,000 per month. Unfurnished apartments of the same size can be found in a more affordable range of BDT 50,000 – 80,000 per month.


Banani offers the same comforts and security as Gulshan but in a slightly lower budget. Although the rent in Banani is still higher than the country average, the amenities that surround Banani makes up for it. Banani has high rise commercial buildings that house many local and multinational companies including Aamra, Grey Advertising, Novartis and so on. Banani #11 is particularly famous for the variety of restaurants it offers. Droom, Pizza Inn, Hakka Dhaka, and Live Kitchen are just some of the many options available. In addition to office going corporates, Banani is also a popular choice for students. Prominent English and Bangla Medium schools in Banani include Biddaniketon, Banani Model School, and Australian International School, etc.
Banani also has many furnished and non-furnished apartments ready to be rented out. A fully furnished apartment of 2000 – 3000 sqft can be rented at BDT 100,000 – 150,000. A non-furnished apartment on the other hand is available at BDT 40,000 – 65,000 per month.

Bashundhara Residential Area

Bashundhara is a pleasant neighborhood in the north side of Dhaka. It has a number of commercial banks and corporate offices around the entrance but it is mostly restricted to residential facilities. Bashundhara is mainly desired for its calm, soothing green environment that is such a rarity in Dhaka. It is the perfect blend of nature and civilization. Bashundhara has numerous shopping options at Mehedi Mart, Genius, and Jamuna Future Park. Educational Institutes in Bashundhara are another one of its attraction. Ebenzer, Play Pen, ISD, Viquarunnisa Noon, NSU, IUB, and AIUB are some of the most prestigious educational facilities located in Bashundhara. A plethora of restaurants have developed to meet the needs of the increasing number of students in Bashundhara. Apollo Hospital Dhaka is a world class heath care center that serves the residents.

Bashundhara has both luxurious and affordable apartments. Apartments in Blocks like A, B, C, D and F tend to be more costly while the ones in distant blocks like G, H, I and E are rather affordable. On average, an apartment of 1500 – 2500 sqft can be rented at BDT 25,000 – 50,000 per month. Furnished apartments of the same size are available at BDT 40,000 – 70,000 per month.

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