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A highly overlooked part of the homes in Bangladesh is the kitchen. How has the source of so much joy in a person’s life (where the food is made) been so overlooked in terms of design and style for such a long time? Well, recently we’ve been seeing an oncoming change in people’s behavior. With so many interior design trends for 2018 being adopted, we see people embracing trendy kitchen designs as well. So what exactly are designing trends for kitchens this year? Come take a peek.

Two-tone, Vibrant colors

two tone kitchen designs
Simple two-tone kitchen designs can really demand some attention

Let’s start with the loudest part of any room; the color. Color is a basic interior design component and two-tone is the way to go this year. Designing trends for kitchens in 2018 focuses on vibrancy. It’s all about getting in colors of high contrast or very vibrant colors. Why? Because it adds life and fire. And if the kitchen is going to provide happiness, it should look beautiful doing it. Some of the most trending combinations are a wooden tone against a deep color like red or blue. Marigold and black are also coming back from the late ’60s. Personally, we love it. It reminds us of a time gone past we always loved. But we also see many adopting oxidized metallic finishes against a dark black trim. This newer-age form of contrast really makes the kitchen remarkable and unforgettable.

Checker board floors

chess board floor
This old favorite always comes back

You know what else has come back as trendy kitchen designs this year? Checker board design floors. The beloved pattern is undoubtedly timeless. In all its color combinations, it is the quintessential representative of all things ‘kitchen’. It might step out of fashion for a couple of years here and there, but kitchen designs will always welcome it back with open arms. And so have designers in Dhaka who are rejoicing at the attention for the kitchens home-developers and owners are providing. Checker board floors fit right into the two-tone, high contrast color setup we just spoke of too, making it a favorite as well as a natural fit into all kitchen designs this year.

Marble counter tops

marble counter top
Marble is as magnificent as it is useful in the kitchen!

Now about the work space in the kitchen; marble is expensive but marble is glorious. Just like the dining room table, marble has made a huge appearance in kitchen designs this year. The amazing random visuals and polished surface makes marble a stunning surface to have. It even makes a better functional surface than most. It’s great if you want to quickly cut something without a chopping board, but the clean afterwards is also quick and easy. Marble can come in different shades, but they all go well with almost any shade of color you decide to paint the place.

Mixed metals

metal faucet in kitchen
Mixed Metal taps add a new dimension of class to the kitchen

Mixed metals mean alloys. If that doesn’t make sense either, they’re just mixes of different metals that create a new type. Why is this important? Because designing trends for kitchens have recently really adopted this into its trends. Having mixed metal taps and faucets has become a nice addition to the overall design of the place. They look beautiful – our favorite being a mix of brass and bronze – and are quite functionally sound as well, generally being easier to clean and fairly rust-resistant; a winning aspect in any kitchen design. Be wary though, as mixed metal is only just appearing in the country and can be an expensive, but worthwhile, investment.

Shelves over cabinets

full kitchen shelves
Shelves make everything more visible and accessible

We use cabinets in Dhaka almost religiously. We doubt our previous generations could possibly handle a kitchen without them. But of course, change must come. And a very new and unique trend we are seeing is people opting for shelves over kitchen cabinets. The younger generation and new home owners love not having to go through tons of thing in kitchen cabinets and would rather have their organized ingredients readily available. Shelves make the place look lovely and clean while giving off the ideal restaurant image we all have in our heads; a little pizzeria with herbs and spices right in reach. Well that is exactly where trendy kitchen designs are this year and while we know how useful kitchen cabinets are, we love seeing more people adopting the change.

Smart kitchen Designs

kitchen appliances
Technology is making kitchens very cooperative

It’s a new era; the era of technology. Toasters have taken over the world yet, but we’re definitely on the right path with smart kitchens now a major trend. Trendy kitchen designs almost always includes some new technology. this time it is in the form of smart electronic appliances. With fridges that help their contents acclimate perfectly and precision cookers that maintain the perfect temperature, the top trending gadgets for home are not only cool but seemingly invaluable. Once you use them, you become entirely consumed by their usefulness to near the point of dependence. So while a smart kitchen is starting off as a trend, we expect it to become the standard of kitchens over a short period of time.

Designing trends for kitchens in 2018 is great. It touches on all the aspects that we at Bproperty love. And we additionally love how people are looking into incorporating these trends into their homes. We hope we set you on the right path to trendy kitchen designs this year. Enjoy a delicious meal from your beautiful kitchen and share with us your kitchen designs!

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