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Finding the right apartment is not an easy task. From the rent or price to the location, layout, and space, you have to be careful about a lot of things. Then there is the question of choosing the perfect apartment that will suit your needs. Because when you are out in the market for purchasing an apartment, there are so many types of apartments to choose from. That is why, to help you find the perfect apartment that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations, we have compiled a list of ten different types of apartments with proper descriptions. 

Studio apartments

Studio apartment
In a studio apartment, you have everything in a combined shared space

A “studio apartment” is a small single-room apartment with an open floor plan. It features a bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and a living room but in a single combined setting. This means you never have to leave the room for anything. A studio apartment can be great for those who don’t like to live in a big house with multiple rooms but prefer the setting to be open and accessible. Creating partitions can make a house feel tighter and compact for some people. But in a studio apartment even though it is relatively small, it can look or feel quite large and open. This is precisely one of the biggest benefits of a studio apartment.

Alcove studio apartment

alcove studio apartment
Alcove studio apartments usually have an L shaped layout

The main difference between an alcove studio apartment and a traditional studio apartment is in their layout. An alcove studio apartment usually has an “L” partition in the living area. The partition makes it easy to curtain the area and creates a nook for your bed to place. It also creates opportunities for you to add more functionalities and gives you a sense of privacy. You can’t say the same thing about a traditional studio apartment.

Convertible studio/apartment 

The idea of a convertible studio is not very different from the traditional studio apartment. It follows the same footprint except there is enough space for a partition in order to create a complete bedroom.

A convertible apartment, on the other hand, is big enough to be converted into an additional bedroom or separate room. These are also called the two-bedroom convertible or two-bedroom flex. There is a huge demand for these types of apartments abroad. And now we are seeing an upward trend for these types of apartments in Bangladesh as well.

Junior one-bedroom apartment

A junior one-bedroom apartment is a small step-up from the traditional studio apartment. These apartments are designed in a way so that they can have a separate bedroom that is ¾ size of the entire apartment.


Loft apartment
A loft apartment features high windows and a high ceiling

A loft apartment features high ceilings and has one large open room. There are other attributes that they also feature including exposed bricks, large and high windows. These types of apartments are seen usually when a commercial space is renovated for residential purposes.


Duplex apartment
Duplex apartments are two-unit buildings

The concept of a duplex house is often connected to luxurious living but people also opt for a duplex when the family is big and want to live under the same roof. That is to say, a duplex apartment is a two-unit building that is either connected by a staircase from the inside or by a common door (when those units are placed side-by-side setting instead of on top). Although there are pros and cons of a duplex apartment, there is a considerable amount of demand for duplex apartments in Bangladesh. However, most of those demands are for living a life in opulence.


Unlike a duplex, a triplex apartment is a tree-unit apartment connected to each other either by doors or staircases. Every unit is roughly the same size and features separate entryways for access. People who want a super-size luxurious lifestyle or have a large family are the ones opting for these types of apartments.

Garden apartments

Having a garden apartment means you have a ground-level apartment that has direct access to an outdoor space. But rarely it can be on the basement level as well. For a garden apartment, there are usually a lot more things to check if you are planning to purchase one as they are more prone to security issues and pest infestation. They also become sloppy during the monsoon. 

Micro apartment

Micro-apartment is compact and smaller than studio apartments

As the name suggests, a micro-apartment is a small one-bedroom apartment spanning an area between 50-350 sq.ft. A micro-apartment houses a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen but all these in a compact space. These types of apartments are very popular in cities with a high cost of living.

Penthouse apartment

Penthouse apartment
Penthouse apartments are the most luxurious types of apartments

The penthouse is a luxury apartment unit located almost always at the top of a building. These types of apartments are usually expensive and large in size. With every facility and amenity, a penthouse apartment also offers the most spectacular views of the city it is located in.

Apartments are designed to accommodate people’s accommodation needs. And it is the needs of people that have been prompting people to have apartments of different shapes and sizes. So before anything else, you should filter out your needs. Only that way can you choose the right apartment for you.

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