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There is more to home construction than bricks and wooden pallets. From billboards to Lego pieces, we examine unusual materials that you can use to build your house.


A Slovakian design agency created a concept of tiny houses that can be built using billboards. The idea behind the project is to optimize the construction of billboards in order to create housing for homeless people.

The minimal maintenance costs of such housing could partially be paid by renting out advertising space. The Gregory project encourages architects, designers, and artists to cooperate in order to create socially conscious living spaces.

The tiny homes would have a triangle shape and the inner side of the structure would be used to install the entrance to the house. The house is designed to have an entrance hall, a tiny kitchen, a bed, a desk, a wardrobe, and a shower corner.


TuboHotel in Mexico utilized tubes to build affordable houses to accommodate customers. The architect behind the project, Andreas Strauss, stacked recycled concrete pipes to provide living spaces. There is a comfortable bed in every tube house and the bathrooms are located outside the tube.

Lego bricks

In the UK, Top Gear presenter James May and 1000 volunteers used 3.3 million Lego pieces to build a house. Unfortunately, now it is demolished. The house had a working bathroom with a hot shower.

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