December is a month full activities to do and events to attend. The onset of winter presents the perfect time to host all kinds of programs; be it social gatherings like arranging BBQ parties or attending large-scale festivals and fairs. Every week there’s something to do and not enough time to attend all of them. Learning about all the programs during the season itself can be a monumental task. As a result, you’ll surely miss one or two programs. This is why we will be highlighting some of the ‘must-attend’ upcoming events in Dhaka during December, so you don’t miss out!

International Travel & Culture Fair 2018 (December 6 – 9)

events in dhaka that adventurers looking forward to
Plan a trip with the exclusive deals from the fair

Who among us doesn’t like to travel? Traveling allows us to experience the spectacles that the world has to offer. While some like to lose their selves in nature, others prefer to soak in the urban culture of faraway places. The International Travel & Culture Fair or ITCF 2018 is the perfect event for those looking to learn more about the hospitality industry and find exclusive deals that are available. ITCF 2018 will bring together all the major hoteliers and airlines to promote tourism in Bangladesh. Tourism is important for Bangladesh’s real estate sector, and the event will no doubt be significant for the industry. This is certainly one of the major upcoming events in Dhaka that travel enthusiasts are looking forward to. The four-day event will be held in Unimart, Gulshan from December 6th to 9th. It is an all-day event, from 9 am to 9 pm.

Homemade Food Festival 2018 (December 9 – 11)

It is one of the most eagerly waited upcoming events in Dhaka
Taste the best of homemade foods in Dhaka

There’s nothing like home cooked meals. No matter how good restaurant food might be, we Bangladeshi’s love foods made at home. And the Homemade Food Festival brings you an opportunity to indulge in home-cooked meals from other households. Let your inner foodie loose and feast on a variety of foods that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. The three-day event, from December 9 to 11, will bring together all kinds of home-cooked meals. It will be a lavish exhibition of healthy and finely cooked foods. The event in Dhaka will be held in White Hall, Uttara sector 3; from 10 am to 10 pm. So you’ll have the entire day to taste all the homemade foods that will be available at the festival.

Edge of Art: Wedding Photography Exhibition (December 7 – 8)

Things to do in Dhaka for photographers
Bangladesh has a lot of tremendous wedding photographers

Photography is a very important part of weddings today. People spend a lot of money to get the best photographers who’ll forever immortalize their happiest day. And a great way to find inspirations is by seeing the work of others. The Edge of Art wedding photography exhibition is for both photographers and those that have upcoming nuptials. See how talented photographers used their skills to capture the beauty, radiance and the happiness of the people. Visit Drik gallery, one of the most popular art galleries in Dhaka, on December 7, and 8, between 9 am to 2 pm to view some awe sparing wedding photos.

Bangladesh vs. West Indies Cricket Matches (December 9, 12, 20, 22)

Upcoming events in dhaka for cricket lovers
December will be a tremendous month for cricket lovers

If you are a supporter of the Bangladeshi Tigers, mark your calendar for these upcoming events in Dhaka. The Bangladesh cricket ticket team has played excellent cricket during the two tests against West Indies and picked up a sweeping victory. With the test matches over, it’s time to repeat the same feat in the ODI’s and the T20’s. And among the three ODI and three T20 matches, Sher-e-Bangla stadium will host two from each format. People living in Dhaka will have the pleasure of watching and supporting the Bangladeshi Tigers as they take on the West Indies once again. December will be a great month for any cricket lover. Watch Bangladesh play on December 9, 12, 20 and 22 in the Sher-e-Bangla stadium.

Parties and Celebration (Entire December)

Organize parties your self and create your own events in Dhaka
Partake in celebration throughout the month

The month of December is well known for being a month of celebration. This includes a whole lot of events and parties that request your attendance. There’s barely any day in the month that doesn’t host any event. As for weekends, there’s always a wedding or two that you need to attend aside from other events. December weather is perfect for arranging get-together parties, weddings, and people certainly oblige. The month-long Pitha festivals in almost every part of the city mean you’ll always have a new Pitha to taste. And as the end of the month approaches, Christmas and New Year parties make this a joyous period.

There’s always something to do and some events to attend in the month of December. And if you live in the Capital, there are quite a lot of upcoming events in Dhaka that will definitely keep you busy. Don’t miss out on any events and make this December, the best month of the year.

Which event are you looking forward to most in December? Let us know in the comments section below.

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