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Uttara is the perfect example of well-planned urbanization. Roads, parks, lakes, and properties; everything in this area is meticulously planned and well-thought-out. This is why Uttara is one of the most sought after places to live in Dhaka. Among other things, roads of Uttara, in particular, are really well-constructed. The largest road that passes through Uttara is the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway dividing Uttara into two parts, East and West. Other than this, there are plenty of inner roads that connect each Sector of Uttara with one another. These roads are numbered and most of them mark the boundaries between two Sectors. These are the avenues of Uttara.

Shayesta Kha Avenue (Sector 2 – 4)

The airport is the entryway to Uttara from Dhaka city and geographically, Shayesta Khan Avenue is the first you come across at the entrance to Uttara. This road runs diagonally from east to west between Sector 2 and 7. The branch of HSBC Bank and the headquarters of RAB-3, located in Sector 2, are two of the most notable establishments near this avenue. Besides, there is a foot overbridge nearby. This 500 meter long avenue extends from that foot overbridge on the west side and extends east to the Kashaibari railgate. Being the southernmost point of the area, this is a relatively less busy avenue.

Jashimuddin Avenue (Sector 1-3, Airport wall)

Rickshaw on a road
The road is wide and well constructed

Dhaka-Mymensingh highway is an 8 lane wide road. There is no way to turn back in the other direction without using specific loops. This bustling area is so busy that the east most bus stoppage has been named after the avenue. The road runs diagonally from east to west and has divided Uttara into two parts. Uttara Sector 3 on one side and some parts of Sector 1 and the rest mark the border of the Airport. The avenue is 700 meters long and features some of the tallest towers in Uttara on the east side of the road.  Apart from that, there are several brand and non-brand shops across the avenue, notable of which are Bengal Meat, Bread and Beyond, and Honda Motorcycle Showroom and its Service Point.

Rabindra Sharani (Sector 3 – 7)

cars parked in an empty streets
This road is the divider between Sector 3 and Sector 7.

Passing further along the highway from Jashimuddin Avenue, you will find Rabindra Sharani on the left. Starting from the west side of the Azampur bus stand in Uttara, this avenue stretches 700 meters further inside. Rajuk Commercial Complex and Amir Complex are two of the largest commercial properties that can be found at the beginning of the road. As you go further inside, you will find a number of brand shops, restaurants, and banks. Notable of which are La-Bamba, Miniso, Foring, and Trendz. Besides these, Uttara Crescent Hospital also stands on the same road. The nation’s largest 360 real estate solution provider Bproperty also has a Bproperty Rental Marketplace located in the Nandan Dipti Tower at Rabindra Sharani. This road is the divider between Sector 3 and Sector 7.

Shahajalal Avenue (Sector 4 – 6)

Shajalal Avenue is on the east side of Azampur in Uttara. It’s opposite of Rabindra Avenue. Not only does Dhaka-Mymensingh Highway separate Uttara, it also separates these two avenues from each other. This 500 meter avenue extends almost to the rail line starting from Azampur. Nawab Habibullah Model School and College is among the notable establishments on the road. Update Tower is on the opposite side of the road where the Agora supermarket, Standard Chartered Bank, makeover parlor Persona and other various organizations are located. Other than that, there are a whole host of branded and non-branded establishments all over Shahjalal Avenue. And the office of the electricity supply company DESCO is located at the very end of the road. Shahjalal Avenue separates Sector 4 from Sector 6.

Isha Kha Avenue (Sector 6)

This avenue is different from all the other avenues of Uttara. That is because this avenue does not border any Sector rather it is inside Sector 6. One end of the road starts from grocery shops in Sector 6 which is also known by the name of BDR Market. Bordering one of the prominent educational institutes, Rajuk Uttara Model College, the road has gone further towards the east side. This avenue also features a few fast-food outlets and the Life Preparatory School is also located here. The other end of the road holds the headquarter of BNCC (Bangladesh National Cadet Core). This avenue is special for another reason, by definition it is a “Blindlane”, meaning the road is not connected to any other road, it finishes just before the rail line and takes a U-turn. The last end of the road also features a wall where teenagers can be seen playing cricket.

Alaul Avenue (Sector 6 – 8)

Parallel to the Isha Kha Avenue, Alaul Avenue is the northern most avenue of Uttara. It starts from the House Building turn and ends at a place near the 8th railgate, extending almost 1 km. This avenue is also different from the other ones. Although the road is straight, there is a 90-degree turn just in the middle of the Alaul Road. Alaul Avenue is the divider between Sector 6 and Sector 8. Other than the House Building staff quarters at the beginning of the avenue, Sector 8 hosts other quarters as well. There are various kinds of shops and organizations all over Alaul Avenue but the reason this area is particularly important is for its courier service facility. This area has an abundance of courier services which include SA Paribahan, Janani, Omex and they are located on the avenue.

This is the first part of our introduction to the ‘Avenues of Uttara’ series. In this part, we discussed almost all the avenues that are on both sides of the Dhaka-Mymensingh Highway. In the next part, we will talk about Sonargaon Janapath the longest avenue of Uttara, Kobi Nazrul Avenue which is relatively a lesser known about avenue, and the avenues of north-south part of Uttara. Until then, stay tuned and if you have any questions let us know in the comments section below.

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