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Housing trends in Dhaka have changed over the last couple of years. Not only because hardly there are any open spaces left in Dhaka for new apartment construction, but maybe now people have a different taste in living and lifestyle. Both are true, but there are other factors as well. Apartment seekers like you now look for information online regarding everything. Before they take a decision, they do the price comparison of different apartments of different parts of the city. Therefore, now they know where to find the best value for money, and they also know what is the right time for investment. Like this, there are several reasons why a buyer picks the perfect neighborhood for themselves. Unlike other areas, Uttara is the fastest developing posh residential area in Dhaka and Bangladesh as well. Let’s find out why.

Affordable Apartments considering Size And Amenities

Picture of apartments in uttara
Uttara is coming up with affordable housing projects

On an average, per sq.ft. in Uttara costs about BDT 6,500. So, a 1,400 sq.ft apartment will cost you around BDT 91,00,000 lacs only! Now, if you are a buyer, the same flat in Gulshan will cost you 35% more. In Baridhara, it is almost as high as 40%! That’s because these are prominent neighborhoods. There are several institutions, offices, etc. built around those areas that increase the price even more in some cases. Therefore, people who are looking for apartments now can easily predict that within few years, Uttara will turn into one of these places and prices will shoot up. This is why they are buying homes in Uttara to match their necessities for future.

All The Facilities You Need Are Here

Prominent shopping center in Uttara, Dhaka
Prominent shopping center just beside your doorstep

Dhaka is already a clogged up city now, and people have started decentralizing. They only do that if the facilities provided are similar or better than the area they currently live in. As for Uttara, it is still not far away from the core of Dhaka. However, the intense traffic sometimes makes it feel like it is. However, facilities in Uttara are no less than any other posh neighborhoods in Dhaka. It has all the things that you need in your daily life. From medical services to reputed educational institutions, offices, prominent grocery stores, shopping malls and even beautiful parks beside the lake! It is a complete residential area with everything you can think of. Again, those of you who are planning to move, Uttara is still the number one choice because this developing part of the town has the best facilities currently as a posh neighborhood.

A Lifestyle Unlike Another Residential area

Live a carefree and secured lifestyle with Uttara's wide and traffic free roads
Live a carefree and secure lifestyle with Uttara’s wide and traffic free roads

One of the USPs of Uttara is that it is away from city chaos. Living in this part of the town is something else. The area itself is developing, and it is an entirely planned residential area. Therefore, in the neighborhood, you will hardly experience any unnecessary traffic. Roads stay free and calm all the time, perfect for you to take a stroll anytime you want. Also, the daily necessities are spread across the neighborhood in a manner that you can easily walk up to there. Less transportation cost, more health benefit. Lastly, it also offers a secure lifestyle unlike other residential areas in the city.

Apart from the essential features of a neighborhood, Uttara is a bit different. This is why new generation apartment seekers look forward to such benefits that they don’t get elsewhere. Therefore, Uttara receives a lot of attraction and thus making it one of the emerging posh areas in Dhaka right now.

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