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In a city like Dhaka, you are never far from having a tantalizing plate of delicious meals. From traditional Bengali cuisines to exotic Middle Eastern feasts, there are all sorts of restaurants to please your appetite. Every area of Dhaka is unique and it reflects on the food they offer. Some places are famous for their mouth-watering desserts and some places are famous for their savory wonders. However, there are areas in Dhaka that not only offer both but also everything in between. Meaning, if you want to visit a variety of restaurants to enjoy delicious cuisines without leaving the locality, you have to pick the right area. To that end, here are the areas with the most variety of restaurants in Dhaka.


Food restaurants
Dhanmondi is one of the places to offer the most variety of restaurants in Dhaka

There is hardly any area that can match the cultural diversity of Dhanmondi. People from all walks of life live in the locality, making it one of the city’s most happening areas. This is one of the reasons why the area houses a diverse range of restaurants. From mouth-watering street foods and bakaries near the Dhanmondi lake to fine dining restaurants by the Satmasjid Road and the 27 No. Road, there is everything for everyone. 

Planning to have some quality time with your family over dinner? Some of the most amazing buffet restaurants in Dhaka can be found in Dhanmondi such as Garlic n’ Ginger, Absolute BBQ, and so on. They offer Chinese, Indian, and Persian cuisines with delicate desserts to wrap them up. You will find some of the best pizza houses and burger places in the area including popular local burger chains such as Madchef and Takeout that started their journey from Dhanmondi.

However, for oriental cuisine lovers, Dhanmondi offers some of the best restaurants including Ginza and Yum Cha District to tackle your cravings for oriental foods. Also, the area hosts a fairly large amount of steakhouses as well. So whether you are longing for local cuisines like biriyani, tahri, or exotic seafood like calamari, Dhanmondi got you covered.

But the cafes are the highlight of the area. There is always something happening in Dhanmondi. But probably the biggest reason why it bustles so much with activity is because of its popularity among the youngsters who love to hang out in cafes. So if you ever wondered where to find the most variety of restaurants in Dhaka, don’t look any further than Dhanmondi.


Mirpur restaurants
Mirpur is the place to enjoy a diverse range of cultural food

Being one of the largest areas in Dhaka, Mirpur houses the highest concentration of trendy restaurants in the city. Like Dhanmondi, Mirpur is also dotted with different types of restaurants. But what sets Mirpur apart from the rest of the places in Dhaka is the sheer variety of local and South Asian cuisines found in the area. 

From the local mejbani beef of Chattogram to the local Indian delicacies such as handi beef, Mirpur is full of surprises. Talking about surprises, if you ever happen to go out for a late-night cruise around the area, you will find a variety of food carts serving all types of delicious local foods by the streets of Mirpur.

The north-western part of Mirpur including Kalshi is famous for its tantalizing beef stew dishes called paya and Halim. The middle-eastern part of the area around Mirpur 1 and 2, on the other hand, is very popular for a quick eat out. There is no shortage of fast-food restaurants in these areas. Some of them were among the first to introduce new items on the menu and became so popular that they managed to open several outlets outside the area.

Mirpur 2, the love road area in particular is especially popular with youngsters for housing a wide range of affordable street food eateries and tea stalls. But if you go a bit farther down the street towards the national zoo, you will find another restaurant famous for its chui jhal dishes, a local delicacy of Khulna. So there arises a question as to where to find the most variety of restaurants in Dhaka, Mirpur sure will be on top of the list.



Uttara is like a city within a city and there is nothing that you won’t find in the area. That also holds true for restaurants. The entity of the area is filled with popular and high-end restaurants serving every kind of food imaginable. From continental, Italian, oriental to South-Asian and local delicacies, Uttara will not disappoint.

Although not as huge as Mirpur, Uttara is considerably larger than other areas in Dhaka. That is why people living in the area need a wide range of options when it comes to food and restaurants. And Uttara has them aplenty. For those who love Asian fusion foods with an open setting, Ajo Idea Space at Uttara sector 13 can be a great option. Trouvaille is another beautiful restaurant specialized in Thai cuisines. But there is so much more than meets the eye. There are thematic restaurants around Uttara that will take you to a different place. La ting ting is one such restaurant that will transport you to rural Bangladesh with clay huts and rural decor.

However, if you are a street food lover and like to try out different types of food, Uttara will not disappoint. Apart from these, there are amazing kabab restaurants, pizza houses, and burger chains in every nook and corner of the area. Furthermore, Uttara also houses some of the most celebrated buffet restaurants in the city.



Mohammadpur has always been a place for having delicious foods. From Mostakim’r chaap to Boba’r Biriyani the area is full of exquisite and delicate local and international cuisines. The area has seen a recent boom in real estate as a result, new eateries are popping up now and then to cater to the needs of the locals.

There is an abundance of Asian and western fusion restaurants with popular local food chains. Places like Pabulum, Kudos, and Khan’s are two of the very popular local food chains serving savory fast foods including burgers, fries, and other delicacies. And there are dozens of other restaurants specialized in various Italian and Japanese cuisines.

However, if you want to experience what the real Mohammadpur has to offer, you have to go to Bihari camp and Townhall market area. These areas are famous for housing some of Dhaka’s finest biriyani and tehri houses. The irresistible taste and flavor of their tehri and biriyani will cling to you long after you have them and you will be planning for your next visit. These are what make Mohammadpur one of the places with the most variety of restaurants in Dhaka.


Most restaurants in Banani are high-end

Banani was the first place to experience the restaurant boom in Dhaka in the early 21st century and has never let down. It also has the highest concentration of fancy and high-end restaurants in Dhaka. Be it a pizza house or a burger place, there is an outlet for every local food chain in Banani. Many international fast-food chains can also be found in Banani. But what makes Banani such a diverse place for having different types of food is the local community and their lifestyle.

Many people living in the area prefer to hang out in cafes and enjoy different types of food. But that doesn’t mean the area doesn’t house any local restaurant. Star Kebab & Restaurant is one of the most popular local restaurants in Dhaka serving all kinds of local food from kebab to delicious biriyani. Banani also houses some of the oldest bakeries in Dhaka including Sausly’s and King’s Confectionery.

However, like every area mentioned above, Banani also has specialties when it comes to restaurants. The area is famous for its steakhouse and there are plenty of them including Woodhouse grill, The Pit Grill, and Shaw’s Steakhouse. Banani also has some of the fanciest restaurants for having authentic Japanese and Chinese cuisines. But you won’t understand why Banani is one of the areas with the most variety of restaurants in Dhaka unless you search for ‘restaurants in Banani’ on google map.


Street Food Carts in Khilgaon
Street Food Carts in Khilgaon

Khilgaon is one of the major players when it comes to having the most variety of restaurants in Dhaka. One of the reasons why this locality houses so many different kinds of restaurants is because of the millennials who live in or near the area.

Khilgaon is the home to some of the most popular eateries in Dhaka that went viral for their unique and delicious cuisines and offers. It also played a major role in establishing the “dine out” culture that has become a norm nowadays. Coffee places like Apon Coffee House and Popeyes were the first restaurants to introduce the concept of cold coffee and others followed.

Apart from that, there are several amazing places to have mouth-watering delicacies in Khilgaon. Da Rooftop is one such restaurant with a unique ambiance and food. However, for those who want to have dinner or lunch in a formal setting, Vooter Adda is where you want to be in. 

Furthermore, there is Tradition BD, an extremely popular restaurant for having traditional wedding food. Khanadda is an amazing place for enjoying delectable grills and chaaps. And there is no shortage of continental and fusion restaurants. Major players including the local and international food chains such as Alfresco, Cafe Cherry Drops, Chillox, KFC, The Dining Lounge, and Pizzaburgh are all there. But Khilgaon is renowned for its street food. And you have to taste them yourselves to know why.

There you have it. These are the places with the most variety of restaurants in Dhaka. What is your favorite place to have a pig-out in Dhaka? Let us know in the comments section below.

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