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Furniture is absolutely essential for our home. It adds functionality, comfort, and most importantly, it is what makes your home livable. You need a bed to sleep, a table to eat, a sofa or chair to relax; in other words, without furniture, your house may feel very empty. There are different types of furniture for everyday use. But where did the concept of furniture come from and how did anyone feel the necessity of it in the first place? 

Early History

A carpenter is working
Overtime designs became exciting and comfort became the prime concern

Where did it all start? Did primitive people use furniture in their everyday lives? There is no way you can know the answers to these questions for sure. But according to some European historians, the first furniture was made out of stones. People used to make furniture by cutting stone and it was first introduced on the Scottish island of Orkney about 2000 BC. At that time, people lived in stone huts. Whale bones were used as a roof and used the stone inside their hut as a bed. Since then, a lot of time has passed and our understanding of things has gotten better. In the 19th century, modern furniture was first introduced and became very popular in a short amount of time. Alongside the use of wood, construction of plastic, plywood board, and fiberglass furniture were also started around this time. Designs became exciting and comfort became the prime concern. Mattresses, cushions, and different types of furniture tops also started to popularize at this time.


wood carvings
Dry and seasoned wooden furniture is quite strong

Overtime, furniture has become a basic necessity. Now it’s hard to imagine our home without it. But we also can’t buy or change furniture whenever we want. Furniture is expensive and there are a lot of things to consider before making any decision. Most importantly, durability is the main concern when purchasing furniture and the durability of furniture depends on the material it is made of. In that sense metal furniture are the most durable ones. But when it comes to wood, typically, dry and seasoned wooden furniture is quite strong. Besides, the longevity of the furniture also depends on the upkeep. Moreover, the quality of furniture depends on technicality and craftsmanship. 


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The price varies depending on the material

The price of furniture depends on the material, build quality and design. Usually, furniture made of cane or steel is slightly cheaper than wooden furniture. But as far as durability is concerned, wooden furniture lasts the longest. You can expect to find ottoman in between BDT 1-2k, dining table BDT 15-40k, sofa set BDT 15-200k, swing for the kids BDT 3-6k, mirror 1.5-5k, bed and divan BDT 5-25k, wardrobe BDT 22-35k. On the other hand, depending on the brand, the price of wooden furniture varies. For example, a well-branded sofa set can cost you BDT 65-150k whereas for a bed you might have to spend BDT 25-85k.

Types of Furniture

Not only wood, but furniture is made from various types of material. As the demand for furniture is growing day to day, various furniture shops are also responding according to need. From the sofa set to the dining table, you can find almost anything.

Wooden Furniture

Different types of woods are used to make furniture, namely Teak, Roar, Mahogany, Gamari, Oak, Tree, Pine, Gajari, Shilkarai. But the demand for Teak is really high in the market. The reason behind this is, this wood is more durable, does not rot, or develops infestations easily, and its color is also very bright. Other than the wooden and cane furniture, there is ‘foreign furniture’ made of different kinds of materials as well which are imported directly from abroad. Kerosene wood is another type of wood and is quite popular in our country. Most vendors say that pine trees are known as kerosene wood in our country. This wood is beautiful to look at and usable without polish. However, the ability to withstand stress is low. 

Malaysian processed wood is also quite useful as an alternative to wood and quite popular among the Newlywed’s for decorating their homes. These processed woods include Particle Board, Vineyard Board, MODF Board, Plywood, and so on. And, a large portion of processed wood and furniture is imported from China every year. The main advantage of processed wood is it doesn’t catch bugs.

Metal Furniture

Metal furniture is becoming quite popular these days and the reason is simple. Metal is more durable than any other material. It can last a lifetime if taken care of properly. Usually, there are two types of metal furniture: Aluminium and Steel. Stainless steel furniture is more durable but also more expensive. Prices vary depending on the metal and thickness. On the other hand, aluminum furniture is lighter and more common than steel furniture, mostly because it does not rust. Metal furniture has different types of finishes. Choosing the right finish is important for metal furniture because of its durability. Chrome plating, plastic, painted, brass and anodized finishes are some of the most common and popular finishes that are available in the market.

Hopefully, you get some idea on the history of the furniture, the material, and also what types of furniture are available in the market and their prices. So next time when you are planning to buy furniture, hopefully, you will know how to choose the right one for you.

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