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If you’re looking to change up the look of your home, there are so many different popular interior design styles that you can choose from nowadays. There are so many sleek and modern styles to choose from. After all, monochromatic and minimalist styles are the norm. But many seek to emulate design styles from a much simpler and more glamorous time period. For those people, the vintage interior design style is the best way to do that. It is a great way to incorporate a more vintage look into your home while keeping all the modern amenities. Let’s take a look at what vintage interior design style is and how you can implement it in your home.

Vintage interior design style takes influence from the past

What is Vintage Interior Design Style?

The vintage interior design style is a broad style of interior design that combines classical and contemporary elements. The word vintage is defined as something in the past of great quality. When it comes to interior design, it refers to styles that are from the 20th Century, mostly from popular eras such as the roaring 20s. Styles that fall under vintage interior design include Art Deco, Mid Century Modern, and Steampunk. Vintage interior design is the perfect combination of classic elements inside a modern space that evokes a feeling of nostalgia without looking outdated.

History of Vintage Interior Design Style

With the turn of the 21st Century, modern minimalist style was all the rage. It went really well with the digital revolution that the world was going through. Everything was sleek and fresh. But for some people, it seemed all too artificial. There were many who looked back at the past, and saw value in many aspects of the past. This gave rise to the popularity of thrift stores, where many hidden vintage gems can be found. But as it became more mainstream, the price and value of rare vintage items skyrocketed. It is the same with vintage decor now, as many high-end spaces, such as stores or restaurants, feature the vintage interior design style.

Fundamentals of Vintage Interior Design Style

One thing that sets apart vintage interior design from most other styles is the freedom that it offers. You can mix up the look of your home with components from different eras. This mixing and matching is more soulful when compared to the drab sofa sets and white walls that come with modern design styles. This style mixes the old with the new, with modern computers and antique chandeliers being located in the same space. In the next paragraph, we will be looking at the ways you can implement the vintage interior design style into your home.

Vintage Interior Design Style
A room decorated in the Vintage Interior Design Style

Ways to Implement Vintage Interior Design Style


One of the most important elements of vintage style interiors is the furniture. It is the most striking aspect of this decor, as it strays so far away from conventional modern furniture. Wood is the material of choice for this, and darker tones are preferred. Dark leather couches also go very well with vintage interior and provides a bold look to your home decor.


Another important part of vintage interior decor is the use of wallpapers. Wallpapers with classic floral prints are the best way to bring in a vintage vibe to your home. Other more unconventional patterns, like the geometric patterns visible in retro decor, or elegant beige that is commonly seen in mid-century modern decor, also goes well in a vintage space, given that the furniture is appropriate for that.


In vintage decor, lighting plays a huge role. Big lamps with yellow lighting can add the perfect vintage look to your room and create a relaxing atmosphere. Chandeliers are also great for adding a classier look to your decor. 


Deep neutral colors are best for vintage interiors. But pastel colors also go well, especially on the walls. Paired with wooden furniture, it is sure to emulate the looks of homes in the 40s and 50s. If you’re looking to emulate more recent vintage styles, you could go for more color palettes, such as 60s vogue, or vaporwave, depending on the look that you want to achieve.

The vintage interior design style meshes simplicity with nostalgia to create a comfortable living space. This design style offers a lot more creative freedom compared to most modern design styles. If you’re looking to do something similar to your home, why not contact Bproperty Interior? Call us at 09612110011 or visit for more information.

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