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Ramadan is a peaceful month. But when it comes to squeaky door or unpleasant fridge sounds, action must be taken before Eid. To help you prepare for the coming Eid al-Fitr, we have put together useful tips on how to repair your home items on your own.

To start with, head straightly to the kitchen and make sure you clean the dirty coils behind or underneath the fridge before dirt restricts the airflow and makes the fridge work harder. Make sure you do it once in a while to cut down energy costs and increase the appliance performance. Get rid of old products that are stored in the fridge to maximize airflow in the appliance.

If you opt for a simple solution on how to get rid of a squeaky door sound, apply a tiny bit of olive oil onto the hinge of the door. Just make sure to remove any dust from the surface before applying oil to avoid unpleasant odors. If spraying oil right onto the hinge of the door does not help, try a bar of soap to fix this problem. Remove the hinge out of the door, then remove the hinge pin out of it. Rub the hinge pin with a bar of soap and replace the hinge in the door after placing the hinge pin back.

Tiny things around the house must be fixed too. If your carpet is full of strands that stick up higher than the rest of the floor, they need to be cut down to avoid the vacuum cleaner catching one. Make sure not pull them out because they might untangle and leave a run across the carpet.

Lastly, check your washing machine hoses. Old, unchecked hoses can cause serious damages to your house and cracks and leaks at the connection point of the hoses are often the main cause. Replace old hose with the one made from braided stainless steel.

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