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Everyone desires a beautiful and elegant home to live in. But, with the cost of everything so high nowadays, having a classy house can be difficult. Some of the staples of an elegant home such as a chandelier, wooden floors, and sculptures boast a hefty price tag. So as a homeowner, you try to find objects that cost less but have a big impact on how your apartment looks and feels, whether you are redesigning you home or organizing a home office. The home design ideas highlighted here are capable of doing just that. These inexpensive home decor items and techniques will enhance the elegance of your abode.

Crisp Wall Colors

Cheap home design technique to make room elegant
Crisp and solid colors can increase any rooms elegance

Colors have the power to change the mood of your entire home. It sets the tone for the rest of your house. Just as a mismatch of wall colors can make a house look disorganized, the perfect color combinations can increase its magnificence. Making interior design mistakes is quite common. There is a thin line between sophisticated apartments and over the top; which is why choosing the right color palette, is not just essential, but is also quite difficult. Furthermore, each color has its own meanings and can easily revitalize an apartment. By choosing a crisp color for the walls, your flat instantly achieves a more regal demeanor. On top of that, coloring a single wall with a different palette will make it stand out and increase its impact.

Applying Rule of Three

Rule of three as a home decor idea
The Rule of Three is surprisingly effective for home decoration

People with an interest in home design are very familiar with the ‘Rule of Three’. It is a reliable age-old technique to stylize your apartment. In this method, furniture and home decor items are grouped in three. The grouping of three objects is more effective in creating visual interest than any other grouping. This rule can be extended to the texture of objects in a room. Having items of three distinctive textures that complement the color of the room will portray a more elegant look while also giving your house a cleaner look.

Adding Greenery & Flowers

Plants as home decor items
Plants are great for increasing your home’s beauty

We love nature. However, finding some time to spend among greeneries in our urban life can be difficult for most. By adding some plants to the apartment, we not only bring in some nature within the boundaries of the home, but also creating an environmentally friendly green home. They maintain a good flow of oxygen by cutting down carbon dioxide during the day. Furthermore, they help you balance out the flats temperature if used as insulation. People today are well aware of the value these pockets of nature have on well-being, and appreciate those who share the same view. These have definitely become a symbol of sophisticated apartments.


Mirrors for home design
Mirrors have numerous impact on how the flat is percieved

There are three things mirrors are perfect for in a home; making a room look bigger, improving lighting, and making a sophisticated apartments. Even though large mirrors can cost a bit, strategically placing smaller ones can do wonders for a house. They can be used as focal points. By placing them over a large piece of furniture, opposite an entrance, or near windows, you influence the viewer’s perception. You can also dedicate a wall to mirrors and place three such small items; applying the rule of three in conjunction with mirrors, to draw the attention of the perceiver.


Bookshelves area considered as marks of sophisticated apartments
Bookshelves area considered as marks of sophisticated apartments

A quick and surefire way to an elegant home is having a library and some bookshelves. Books and bookshelves have always been a mark of sophistication. So having some in your living room or the study is a good and inexpensive home design idea. The cost of shelves depends on the complexity of the design and the materials used. Also, most homes have plenty of books owned by family members. Therefore, just hanging some shelves on the wall and placing books in them becomes quite easy. Books work tremendously, both as home decor items as well as for providing hours of enjoyment.


Paintings for making an elegant home
Show your cultural side with some paintings

Some of the more effective home decor items for achieving an elegant home are paintings. Even though paintings are generally on the pricey side of things, many exquisite inexpensive ones are available. A smaller, yet beautiful painting costs much less while having a similar impact on the aura of your apartment. The sophistication of the living room can be multiplied tenfold with some paintings on the wall. Also, they are a good way to display your love of art to the people visiting your home.

The adventure of home design begins with renting or buying a flat in Dhaka  or any other place, and having an elegant home is well within grasp. With some additions of home decor items and a few clever tactics, your dream home can quite easily become a reality.

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