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Good lighting can truly change everything. A well-decorated home is nothing if the lights can’t draw attention to the relaxed ambiance of the homely space. When placed strategically, lights can give character to a room. Needless to say, it can also have an impact on our moods. Listed below is a list of ideas you can implement if you’re looking to improve home lighting and upgrade your home.

Know about your options

Upgrade your home by setting up hanging pendants.
Hanging pendants are trending this year

A lot of people think that having white lights overhead is the only way to brighten up a room. Rather, choosing the right lighting system can set the mood of a room entirely. Think about hanging over-sized pendants, sconces, overhead lights or even incorporating trending home ideas into your decor such as candles can really bring out the focal point of a room. Just like that, refresh a stale corner and improve home lighting without emptying your wallet.

Pendants are usually small, hanging light fixtures. They are used as decorative pieces, particularly because of their length and how they are hung on a wire or a poll. When hung in a group, they can make a design statement, quite similar to a chandelier.

Sconces are light fixtures that are attached to the wall. They are useful because they can be multipurpose. Sconces look great for decorative use but if they are properly lit, they can also be used as task lighting such as in bathrooms. We tend to use recessed lighting but adding a pair of sconces in a bathroom can make a space look more elegant and convey an aura of relaxation. These types of light fixtures are also great for highlighting specific parts of a room such as showcasing artworks or highlighting a book shelf.

Lamps are generally considered a part of task lighting. However, when placed strategically, they can add character to a room. For instance, a big sculptural, floor-length lamp can bring out the focal point of a space and provide accent-lighting.

Consider the right shade

One of the home lighting tips include choosing the right shade of light to set the mood of a home
Be picky with your lights as you would with any other interior design elements

White lights let more light through and they are useful for offices and any work or reading areas but they tend to create a colder tone. Warm lights, on the other hand, are more suitable for personal spaces such as in the living room or the bedroom. Switch up with different colored lights and improve home lighting.

Mix it up

Upgrade your home by installing a trendy chandelier
Small chandeliers can highlight the focal point of a room

Ditch the traditional ways of setting up the lighting system in your home. Chandeliers are not just used for highlighting the entryway of a house. Lamps aren’t only used for task lighting purposes. Today we have countless options to choose from, starting from the light fixtures themselves to the shape of bulbs. As the decorative forms and functions of lights have evolved, so too have their placements in homes. Learn about your choices and get creative!

Think about the neglected areas

To properly light up a kitchen is one of the most important home lighting tips.
Show some love to your kitchen by installing proper lights

Kitchen, bathroom, shelves, cupboards, etc. are the neglected corners that we forget to take into consideration. Once they are lit up, they can be great for decoration and their functionality can be increased in the most beautiful manner. For instance, screen-heavy rooms need less overhead lighting and more ambient and task lighting such as sconces or lamps since they reduce glare on screens.

Look into the details

Upgrade your home by getting your desired light fixtures.
Nothing says ‘traditional’ more than this antique sconce fixture

No matter how insignificant we think it is, light fixtures play a vital role in changing the look of a room. Proper lighting is like architectural jewelry; you have to look for the ones with appropriate ornamentation according to your decor. If you have a liking towards decorating your home with trendy setups then it’s best to stick to fixtures with limited details and clear lines that will compliment your contemporary furnishings. However, if you have a traditional styled home then getting the ones with an antique look might be the right option for you. Consider style, shape, color and size when choosing light fixtures as the perfect accessory to improve home lighting.

Think about energy-saving

Upgrade your home and life by installing LED lights.
Some LED lights last up to 12 years

If you’re going to renew your lighting system, it’s better to choose one that will last you for a while. Save your wallet and the Earth by purchasing a dimmable light-emitting diode (LED). Some LED bulbs can last up to 12 years. Other than that, compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs are a great choice too when it comes to saving energy. Initially they might cost you a lot but you will soon realize that they are a better option in the long run.

What did you think of our home lighting tips? Let us know if you have any tips in the comment section below!

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