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Attempting to sell an apartment is a daunting task in itself. There is so much to do and so many aspects to consider in order to sell your apartment at its maximum value. As an owner, you would understandably want to make the most out of your investment. Some budget friendly ways that will make your apartment look visually alluring are covered in this article.

Tidy Up

The simplest way to make your apartment look nice is to clean it up. If you are selling an old apartment, it most likely has sustained some damage. Look for marks on the walls, floors, doors or windows. Rub it with a cleaning agent so that the place looks cleaner. Nothing is more un-appealing than a rusty, stained apartment that looks like it is from a different century.

Paint it!

Even with all the rubbing and cleaning, there will be some stains that are impossible to get rid of. For instance, your kids drawing on the wall, or a splash of curry on walls are very difficult to remove. A fresh coat of paint will help you cover all these unwanted marks around the house. A coat of paint will boost apartment price, even if you do not need to cover up stains. While painting your house, choose neutral colors like white or beige, because a lot of people will not share your taste in color.

Change Fixtures

This one is particularly for old apartments. If you have a leaky faucet, a broken window or rusty metal sanitary fittings you need to change them this instant. No one wants to live in an apartment with bad fixtures as these are the things that tend to annoy residents in the long term.

Create Lighting Options

If you are constructing a new apartment, be sure to have extra electrical points to hang lights from. A basic light for each room is okay. But what will make your apartment special is its option to have a chandelier over the dining table, or a dimmed mood light in the balcony. A well-lit apartment will also look more comfy and welcoming to the buyers.                                                                                           

De-Clutter & Conquer

This applies mainly to fully furnished apartments. Place your furniture and other utilities at a decent distance from each other. This will help open up your place and make it feel airy. Try to keep the amount of furniture to a bare minimum. Get rid of all the extra stuff like piles of old newspapers/magazines. Hang large, full length mirrors to further create the illusion of a spacious apartment. Buyers usually look for larger apartments that look cozy and inviting. A cluttered space will do just the opposite.

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