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Wedding is a celebration of love and eternal devotion. The decoration should not only be pleasing to the eyes, but also something to remember for the bride and the groom. Although hiring a wedding planner can take away a lot of the headache from the families involved, doing it yourself and planning every layer together can be an adventurous part of the celebration. Here are some ideas for brides and grooms to think about.

A whole bunch of paper lanterns

Paper lanterns can really be a unique addition to any decoration. But to make them really stand out and give everyone something significant to remember, why not light the stage with lanterns? Whether your stage is set outside in your backyard or inside a ballroom, these are never that difficult to set up and add a very nice touch.

Drape the ceiling

Go bold and go bright. It is the little shades that can make a totally different story. Yellow can be a nice shade, but to be more appropriate to traditional wedding colors, all red can never go wrong.

Eternal candles

If the program is during nighttime or inside a hall with not much sunlight coming in, try to decorate all corners or seating rows with a candle inside a jar. This will not only create a warm ambient tone but at the same time create a very romantic mood at the wedding venue.

Create a focus on the dinner tables

Make the table an attractive place to be. A lamp on the table can provide a nice ambiance on each table to create a mesmerizing effect. Other options can be flowers, candles and even a photo frame of the newly wedded couples. It can also be a minimalistic approach, such as a bright chevron fabric with tiny succulents in glassware of the same color on each table.

The dinner tables and seating arrangements should be uniformly arranged and ornamented with coordinating color shades.  If you are lucky enough to have a wedding venue with a lounge area, you might want to add some patterned pillows or pom poms. These are little elements that make all the difference.

Whatever you decide to do, try to add details after details, which can really uplift the atmosphere to a whole new level.

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