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Needless to say, choosing the right paint colors for your kid’s room can be difficult. Their needs and wants are ever-changing and so, sticking to just one color can be tough because you don’t want them to outgrow the color too soon. While darker, vibrant colors such as Red or Orange may seem more appealing to children, a soothing Yellow just  might just do the trick, too. Listed below are a few children’s bedroom color ideas that might help you the next time you’re thinking of a renovation.

Aqua Blue

Aqua is one of the popular room color for kids.
Your little one is not going to outgrow this shade of Aqua anytime soon

This color is versatile enough to pair up accessories with almost any color.  Be it Yellow cushions or Pink bed sheets, you can work with this color and transform your child’s room as they age. If you choose to incorporate a lighter shade, you can add accessories that are darker shades of Blue or decorate the room with whatever goes with your little one’s personality to bring out a unique touch to the space. Hopefully, this room color for kids will also make them fall asleep earlier!


Use Orange as base to paint color for your kid's room
Orange can be an accent color as well as a base room color for kids

Warm colors do not mean that you’re limited to shades of Brown and Tan. Orange can be a little too much for some but if you can add the right accessories to the room, it can look extraordinary. Orange is a daring color and usually not what we have in mind when we think of home renovations. Moreover, Orange is linked to increasing confidence and extroversion. Warm colors as such can make a room feel cozy and comfortable.                              

Shades of Beige

Beige can be a versatile color which makes it an ideal kids room paint.
Beige can be a versatile color which makes it an ideal kids room paint

Neutrals are never going out of style! Even though it seems like you’re playing it safe, maybe that’s the way to stick to a paint for a long time without going through the hassle of changing colors as they race through their childhood. With a color such as Beige, you can transform the outlook of a room with minimal effort; for instance, by only changing the curtains or hanging a few paintings on the wall. Its versatility makes it an ideal room color for kids. 


You can use White as your base to paint color for your kid's room.
White is one of the easiest colors you can work with

White is not a safe bet for a child’s room because it’s very hard to maintain, considering the fact that the artistic side of your child might take over and they might draw all over the walls.

But it also happens to be the easiest color to work with since it gives you a vast number of choices for decoration. Choosing a flexible color like White eliminates the hassle of going through paint colors for your kid’s room. You can put together different kinds of elements of various colors and it would still look nice in an all-White room.


Green has always been one of the versatile colors to paint your kid's room
Add a dash of freshness with Green

For Green, we suggest a lighter shade or Dirty Green. The lightness of this color gives an illusion of a larger room and people of all ages can fit into this specific hue. However, keep in mind that the darker the shade, the gloomier the room. We don’t usually pay attention to this but color psychology is real. It can hamper a child’s mood just as it does ours. Paired up with your child’s favorite cartoon poster or bright-colored furniture, Green can create a tranquil effect which makes it the perfect kids room paint. 


You can choose any color as an accent color on a base of Pink for your kids room paint.
Create a fun, comfortable space with Pink

It’s a classic for a reason. If you want to stick to the basics, then pink should be your go-to! Lighter shades of Pink are definitely more preferred. But if you want to switch it up a little, a shade of Lilac doesn’t sound too bad either. The best part of using these to paint colors for your kid’s room is, once you clear away the clutter, these shades of color look pretty sophisticated.


Yellow can be an ideal kids room paint.
You can never go wrong with Yellow!

Yellow works best as accent color when it is paired up with colors like Gray, Green and Blue. However, Yellow might be good for your child. Some studies show that Yellow is correlated with children having better memory retention and improved concentration.

Colors have the ability to inspire, calm us down and even agitate; especially for children since they tend to be extra sensitive to a color’s impact. Therefore, when you’re choosing paint colors for your kid’s room, choose wisely.

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