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Whether you embrace the freezing weather or shun it, winter is here. Notwithstanding the fact that winter is the season of relief from the scorching summer heat, winters are increasingly harsh for your home. If you want to avoid various costly repairs, make sure that your entire home fittings are ready for the season. But it isn’t always easy to know what you can do to help prepare and protect your property from the cold. Here is some winter maintenance checklist to ensure your home is ready for the season.

Weatherproof the doors and windows of your house

Rusting door and lock
Taking proper care of your doors and windows can keep them free from damage

It is important to check your windows and doors for gaps and areas that may cause a draft. Using caulk or weatherstripping to seal them up can help. Consider replacing the windows or doors if the problem is severe enough. It is highly necessary to keep your doors and windows in shape during winter. If dew is setting on the metal parts of doors/windows, paint them to prevent rusting. 

Remove window screens and allow natural light to enter

Window pane
Allow natural lights to your home

If there are screens on the windows, remove them to boost natural light and improve solar heat gain. Otherwise, during this season, the house walls will start getting damp. This will generate several fungal/bacterial infestations that are very harmful to the household members of your family.    

Checking your water tank and pipes

Water tank
Water tank must be checked regularly

It is one of the most important tasks to make sure your water tank is crack-free and clean. If you haven’t installed one in for the last 15 years, you should think about replacing it. In winter, the groundwater diminishes and different sedimentations and filtrates accumulate inside pipes and the base of the tank. As a result, the natural flow of water is disturbed and many times, the water is unclean. Clean your tank using a chlorine treatment, and if you have a surplus maintenance budget, replace your current tank with a  reverse osmosis process tank. 

Update your thermostat to a programmable version 

Always adjust your thermostat in winter to save energy

It is a very important task if you are using a heater. Updating your thermostat to a programmable version can help you save money and time. It can help you set the house for one temperature when you are home and another for when you are away. Otherwise, the heater consumes a good amount of energy to heat back from lower to higher degrees.   

Taking care of the Air Conditioner

Air conditioner
Take care of your air conditioner in winter

The condensing unit of an AC is built for outdoor elements, but it can still be damaged if not cleaned properly. Since your AC is not used during this season, it creates space for microparticles of dust. This may even damage your entire AC. Hire professionals to clean up your AC internal parts and restore them. Don’t cover up your AC as it will create more spaces for the critters to accumulate.  

Check for High Pressure in Water Tanks 

Water tap
Check for high pressure in the water tank to save water and energy

Your water pipes may rupture in the winter if they are filled with zeolite beads and the pressure is more than 80 lbs. psi. Because the water is lifted from a deeper groundwater-surface, unlike in other seasons, and the pressure of the tank naturally increases. Change your pressure reducing valve if it is more than 10 years old and conduct a water pressure test. Your water pressure must be as low as 75 lbs and must not exceed 80 lbs. High water pressure can harm your home appliances, pipes, and connections. At present we are having a massive shortage of water. High pressure creates a water hammer and wastes thousands of liters of water a day. Checking for high water pressure is always an overlooked maintenance item that’s actually easy to perform. A new pressure-reducing valve and a simple pressure gauge can help you maintain water pressure. 

Reverse your fans

Set your fan to rotate clockwise so that the hot air doesn’t rise up

Here is another innovative technique if you want to save up the energy used by your heaters. Turning your fans clockwise is a secret to saving money for heat because a reverse rotation will reduce the hot air from rising. It is very easy to do, only by rotating the DC brushless fan motor. Hire a technician to do this. Don’t try this by yourself if you aren’t an expert, because it has electrical hazards. Safety is your number one priority. 

These are some pretty cool and necessary winter maintenance checklist for your home. Winter being a season of festivities, your house also deserves to be celebrated. It only takes a few hours on your weekend to complete these tasks. Feel free to suggest more if you know any in the comment section below.    

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