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Another year, another winter, and yet we tend to forget little important things until the cold and everything attached to it creeps up on us. So in order to keep you prepared, here are a few things to make yourself a truly winter ready home so you can enjoy the time to its fullest.

Keep out the cold

heavy curtain set
Curtains do a great job of keeping out the cold

It’s winter, it’s cold. What can you do? Well, many things. The most important and least invasive method is to get really thick curtains. It will block most of the cold wind getting in and will keep the house insulated with warm air better. You also want to get rugs wherever you can fit them to keep the floors comfy when you walk. Thicker blankets go without saying, but adding a room heater will really kick up the comfort level.

Say no to dampness

frosted window
A reasonably dry house will keep you smiling

It is important to note that with winter comes a lot of dampness. This means you’ll feel the cold even more than it actually is, even confusing you into thinking clothes and soft surfaces are wet. Apart from being confusing and mildly uncomfortable, this dampness can cause real issues to electronics and clothes left in the dark – rust and mold, to be exact. To reduce dampness in your winter ready home, the trusty room heater helps to a good extent, but you can also just use a lot of moth balls and silica gel in the right places. In case that is a risk hazard – if you have children and curious pets around the house – a dehumidifier is great, but can be a bit on the expensive side.

Warmth for your tiny friends

warm pets
Love is great, but they need some covers too

Your furry, scaly, feathery friends need your attention dearly at this time of year. I’m sure you keep them warm with love and affection, but they need protection from the elements as well. Give them some extra blankets. Put a bottle of warm water around where they like to sleep. Welcome them into your arms! Do whatever you can to keep them warm because they deserve it.

Away with bugs

spray bottle
Keep ’em out so you can do some relaxing

One of the worst things about winter are the bugs that come with it. There is no denying that they will come unless you do something about it. Key to ‘survival’ is getting nets on your doors and windows – if you even keep them open in the winter. A great natural way to keep the bugs out is a 1:2 part vinegar-water solution to be sprayed on surfaces. This nearly odor free concoction is great around the kitchen but also the entire house.

Winter is a wonderful time, if handled well. The cold keeps you fresh, fashion and style are in full swing, and it’s easier to keep warm in the winter than cool in the summer. Yes, there are downsides like the points mentioned above, but as you can see, creating a winter ready home is not that difficult when approached the right way.

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