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Generations after generations, wood has remained a top priority as the material of choice for furniture used in home decor. Though with time, new materials were introduced in the market, wood still remained dominant. While carrying on with the discussion of wood, the types of wood finishes should also be brought into light. Wood is a natural material, thus it requires special maintenance. Any wooden furniture kept exposed to nature is prone to damage. In order to protect the furniture, generally different types of wood finishes or paints are used on the surfaces. Paint covers wood whereas varnish helps to add a transparent and different glow on the wooden surface. There are also other options that you can try out. To know more about the different types of wood finishes, keep reading the article.

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There are numerous types of wood finishes


The widely used varnish creates a transparent coating on the surface of wood. The coating further helps to cover any form of stains or holes in wood. Additionally, it also adds a natural touch to the furniture. The varnish is actually made from dried oil and synthetic resins. Out of all sorts of varnishes, you will find marine varnish and polyurethane varnishes to be the most useful. These varnishes will safeguard wood from water and help in retaining moisture. Some varnishes even provide protection against ultraviolet rays, which will be really useful for any furniture that is exposed to sunlight. 

Varnish protects wood from water


Among the popular types of wood finishes, oil is one. Carpenters use oil to emphasize the color and texture of the wood. These oils are made out of natural ingredients and can be conveniently applied on the wooden surface. However, oils usually last for a certain time period on the surface and you will need to reapply it from time to time. Apart from applying oil, also make sure that your furniture is maintained properly and does not come in contact with excessive sunlight or water. 

Gives a silky texture


One amazing aspect of wooden furniture is its natural color and if you are looking for a long term coating on it, go for wax finish. If applied, your furniture will give a silky texture. Wax finish is one of the preferred types of wood finishes, since it helps to preserve the natural moisture of the wood. It easily hides any kind of stain or holes on the wood and also provides protection from sun and water. It will be wiser to go for finishes which will go well with the natural color tone of wood. Some people prefer using oil on wood, though oil takes a bit more time to dry. In case of wax, it is just the other way round and will almost dry instantly.


No matter how many types of wood finishes are there, you need to pick the one which will best suit your furniture. Maintenance of furniture on a daily basis is greatly important. Whether you apply varnish, oil, wax or any other types of wood finishes, try to ensure you are taking care of it properly. In order to reinstate the glow of wooden furniture, you can also apply olive oil while mixing it with lemon juice. Mix one cup of olive oil with one-fourth cup of white vinegar; and once the cleaning is done, pour this mixture on a piece of cloth and wipe it gently on the wooden furniture and you will get to see a drastic change. Your furniture will shine for a long time.

You can also stick to another rule, where you will simply need to soak a cloth with shampoo and wipe it all over the furniture, ensuring no drop of water remains in it. Additionally, after every three months, clean the furniture with wax or oil in order to make it look more polished. It really does not take much to maintain the new look of any wooden furniture. Try to spare a few minutes on a daily basis just to soak two tea bags in a cup of hot water and to use that water to clean the whole furniture.

So these were some of different types of wood finishes which can transform any ordinary furniture into a posh one. There are also several tips for buying furniture for your home, which may really come in handy for you. Let us know if you have tried any of these and how much you really liked it. Also do not forget to share if you have any other valuable ideas in mind in the comments section below. 

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