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The World Day for Safety and Health at Work is celebrated on the 28th of April, and it promotes the prevention of accidents and diseases at workplaces across the world. The International Labour Organization (ILO) has been celebrating this day since 2003, and each year has a different theme. As the world is in the midst of a global coronavirus pandemic, this year’s theme is “Stop the pandemic: Safety and health at work can save lives”. 

World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2020 plans to acknowledge the efforts that are being made by government entities, numerous employers, the workers, and society as a whole in battling COVID-19. The pandemic has led to many people having to work from home. Home might feel like the safest place in the world. However, there are quite a few hazards and health issues that come with working from home. Today, we will be addressing these hazards and tell you how to solve them!

Safety Hazards

Cables, Power Bricks, and Chargers
Multiple devices need multiple ports to draw power

When working from home, we are always using our laptops or desktop computers. Then there are phones, tablets, and power banks to charge. These things end up needing multiple cables and cords, creating a mess reminiscent of that of the overhanging street wires of many cities worldwide. It could lead to many people tripping on these cables, especially small children. This makes proper cable management something that you must do and maintain!

Working with multiple devices also runs the risk of overworking a multiplug. Attaching too many devices to a single power outlet is a serious fire hazard! So, to prevent such a thing from happening, ensure proper distribution of power and refrain from using a single socket for all your devices. Also, remember to clean and disinfect your devices, especially your phone, using alcohol pads and a microfibre cloth to remove germs from the device.

Physical Health

Office Desk and Chair
Sitting in an office chair for prolonged periods puts strain on your back

Working for long hours sitting in one place can put a lot of strain on your back. This is why it is of utmost importance that you check your posture when you’re working from home. Make necessary adjustments, such as adjusting the height of your chair, or the placement of your devices to ensure the best posture when working. Taking such measures would alleviate a lot of pressure on your spine, and prevent backaches.

When working for a long stretch of time, remember to take short breaks in between. During these breaks, do stretching exercises or any other form of physical activity to reverse the effects of sitting in one place for an extended period of time. Also, remember to stay hydrated as much as possible to maintain proper bodily functions. But Physical Health is not the only aspect that we will be focusing on this article commemorating World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

Mental Health

Make time for relaxation

When we’re at the office, it is much easier to make distinctions between work and other aspects of life. But when working from home, it is much harder to make that distinction. This results in less productivity, and increased stress. To solve this problem, set up a dedicated workspace, where you will only sit when you are working. This will create a mental barrier that will make it easier for you to make that distinction.

Working from home can also be stressful at times, with communication between colleagues being a lot harder, and many other challenges cropping up. To handle the added stress, find relaxation techniques that can help you calm down and free your mind. Even a few minutes of doing this can help you find inner peace!

In the spirit of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work, we should all maintain proper occupational safety and health, even when working from home. Following the tips mentioned above will ensure a safer and easier time for you when working from home. For more content like this, be sure to check out the Bproperty Blog. Do let us know your thoughts about today’s article in the comments below.

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