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With luxury features including a gigantic infinity pool and its own water slide, the five-storey Tour Odéon penthouse will surely be one of the world’s most expensive homes when it hits the market next year.

This luxury apartment in Monaco comes with a considerable price tag – it will set you back a cool $387 million USD. Rising above the shimmering waters of the Mediterranean, this high-end apartment will be located on the top of a 170-meter tower called Tour Odéon when completed at the end of 2014.

This tower is set to be the second tallest building on the Mediterranean coastline. Consisting of 70 super large apartments, the building will offer many features, ranging from a private chauffeur to a health center and spa. The first 20 storeys are planned to be office space.

With 360-degree views over the sea, the penthouse comes with spacious rooms, floor-to-ceiling windows, excellent interior design and a rooftop pool which is linked to the balcony by a water slide. The five-bedroom 3300 square meter apartment is going to compete with the most luxurious apartments around the world.

The real estate developer behind the project is Groupe Marzocco which developed this ultimate luxury living experience together with architect Alexandre Giraldi and interior design company Alberto Pinto.

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