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We have seen a lot of listings, thousands upon thousands, and the numbers grow by the day. So we know what works and what doesn’t. We have taken some time out and studied our reservoir of listings to pick out, based on data, which property ads sell the quickest. Now, of course, if you are selling an overpriced property at the wrong time of year, no rose-tinted ad placement is going to help you. But for everyone else, these tips are great.

The art of salesmanship comes naturally to some, but it is a skill like any other that you can improve by working at it and reading the literature. Some people despise the idea of selling and persuading, but if your house or product is something you are proud of, you are doing the market a favor by not hiding its light under a bushel.

Be original

Let your listing be itself; everything else is taken! The idea that listings should fit tightly into a template structure like all the rest on the site is a fallacy. It’s human nature to make things fit in and real estate is no different. If you create a listing that blends in, yours will go unnoticed. What you are looking for is the pop-out effect. That is, despite being one of many listings, your property will stand out when somebody is scrolling through. It has a sticky effect. Throughout this article, we will get to the bottom of why some listings sell and some don’t.







Catchy Headline

On a popular listing site, you have no hope of somebody clicking unless your headline is unique and charismatic, it needs to draw the eye. In most cases, the headline is ‘do or die’; if you can’t attract attention at this point, there is no second chance.

Can you make it funny? Can you give the defining feature its due regards, without getting too bogged in the detail? Knowing what works culturally is also important. For example:

“YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS? 5 Acres on sale for HOW MUCH!”

This might go down a treat in America, where caps locks usually mean you are shouting, but in more reserved places around the world, it could be deemed too in your face. Caps grab attention though. So it could be worth testing out, which is another point, testing and analyzing and, being willing to change quickly if your listing is not getting the attention it deserves, is crucial. Of course, a high res photo and a great price point will make all the difference.

Opening statement

Get right to the point, no faffing about. Inform immediately, this is not Ulysses.

“You’ll love this wonderful duplex apartment located only 3 streets from High School X in upmarket Gulshan.”

Aim to answer questions, what are they looking at exactly, and why should they continue to look. Let them know immediately why they should continue to read further.

Description of Features

Standout features:

-Number of room/bedrooms



-Extras: pool, balcony and more.

-Unique characteristics, lakeview

Describe the place in a memorable way:

Copywriting is a tough skill to master, there is a reason why the professionals at the top level get paid serious money to create compelling copy that will convert leads to sales. Let’s compare one good description with a weaker one.

New furnace, air conditioning. Walk on the balcony, gated and fenced. Close to amenities.


Try not to fall in love with this charming, 3-story cottage boasting incredible scenic views of Lake Banga. This 2 bedroom, 3 bathroom home with a large garage affords you 2,000 sq ft of ample living space (without sacrificing that chic, cozy atmosphere for spending quality time with your family). Begin the day with spectacular, inspiring views of the sun rising from the East and drift off into a deep slumber with the quiet void of the night. Located in a safe, welcoming community with an award-winning school system on the leafy suburbs of Gulshan-2, a mere twenty minutes from the heart of the city.

The best way to sell something: don’t sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect, and trust of those who might buy.” Rand Fishkin, CEO and Founder, SEOmoz

Some people love to write creatively; words are their passion. If you feel the opposite about it, maybe you could enlist the help of a pro or a friend who thinks he’s a pro–much cheaper.

Interesting promotion

So this might not apply to some listings. Think of a seller as a suicidal person on the edge of a cliff. They have enough information to think their life is bad enough to end it, but there remains some doubts, some items worth hanging on for–that’s where you come in to give him a nudge and watch him fly. Right, bad example. Ok, so, moving swiftly along, what I mean is that you offer something that pushes someone over the line, forcing them to move into the next stage of the buying process. For example:

Offering no down payment.

For a short period only, seller will pay for your taxi to the viewing.

For one week only seller will cover your closing costs.

For just this month, seller is willing to offer a 10% discount.

Close & call to action

This is the icing on the cake part. Ramp up the urgency as the main priority. Last chance saloon, get them now or lose them forever. Step right up. Here is your piece de resistance.

This apartment is only available to the buyer who acts NOW. You have read enough, pick up the phone and get in touch.


You are still HERE??? DO IT!

Do not hype

Overselling will ruin all your good work. Overstatements or misleading advertising is a temptation for all sellers--just don’t do it. You risk your reputation as a trustworthy seller and, at a basic level, you are just not being a decent human being. Selling is not about tricking people, it is about communicating the right way, helping people to join-the-dots and paint a clear picture of the opportunity you present, making it easy for them to make a decision. You are saving them time!

The best salespeople can get information across in the most elegant and efficient way possible. They can read the buyer’s emotions and know how to give them what they want.

Just to conclude, there is no one-stop-shop for property listings. It is a case of finding what suits in the given market you are selling in. Lamudi operates across 30 different countries, what works in the Philippines may not work in Mexico. Experiment, get creative and, change things if plan A hasn’t worked out.

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