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It is interesting to look back at the year through the eyes of Google. To begin the year, a whopping 406 million worldwide searches were entered for the Oscars. Around the world, the pinnacle of the acting calendar always grabs people’s attention. In February/March the cricket world cup hosted by Australia and New Zealand mustered up over 323 million searches.

April saw the FIFA organization in crisis, with the scandal of Sepp Blatter and the corruption that ran to the core of the football institution. Everything was called into question, whether Kuwait should go ahead with hosting in 2018, despite the revelations that bribes were handed to buy votes. It became clear very quickly that FIFA as we know it needed a massive overhaul. April also had the devastating Nepal earthquake and people were quick to search on google to find out how to help or what had happened. The earthquake had more than 85 million searches.

In July, Greece made all the headlines; were they to be kicked out of the EU or could they be saved? Merkel came to the fore. Eventually, concessions were made, debt forgiveness allowed and Greece was allowed to stay in the economic community, albeit with stringent austerity measures. 35 million people searched for Greece and topics related to the collapse of their economy. China, to a lesser extent, garnered 12 million search queries, at the time the Shanghai stock market collapsed by close to 30 percent, the effects of which are still reverberating throughout the globe.

In September the headlines featured Queen Elizabeth II, her reign as top dog in nobility attracted huge google attention, some 100 million searches in the month of September. That outdid the damning revelations that emerged from Volkswagen, a stalwart in the automobile industry, who it transpired had massaged their emission figures.

October was all about the rugby world cup, as twenty of the best teams fought it out on the battlefield. New Zealand was triumphant, but throughout, there were incredibly hard-fought contests and dazzling individual performances, one to remember for sure. October also saw the potential of life on mars becoming tangible, as water was discovered. 10 million people were intrigued enough to enter a search in the Google engine.

November was marred by another terrorist attack, this time in the heart of Europe, in the city of love–Paris. The message was clear from ISIS, they want the western world to be afraid, they want to frighten the world. More than 897 million searches were entered following the attack. These attacks were the deadliest on French soil since World War II. The main questions asked were what happened in Paris, who were the terrorists and who are the Eagles of Death Metal? They were, of course, the band playing in the theatre that was bombed on the 13th of November. They have vowed to return and complete their gig as a tribute and defiance.

To cap off the year, Star Wars was released with more than 155 million people interested enough to search Google about the film. The top searched Star Wars characters were Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, and R2-D2. The top question posed was what order should I watch Star Wars?

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