Near Kacha Bazar 1300 SQ FT flat for rent in Thakur ParaNear Kacha Bazar 1300 SQ FT flat for rent in Thakur Para
সাউথ ঠাকুর পাড়া, ঠাকুরপাড়া, কুমিল্লা
৩ বেডরুম
৩ বাথরুম
১,৩০০ বর্গফুট


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  • বাথরুম
  • এলাকা১,৩০০ বর্গফুট
  • উদ্দেশ্যভাড়ার জন্য
  • অবস্থানসাউথ ঠাকুর পাড়া, ঠাকুরপাড়া, কুমিল্লা
  • রেফারেন্স নম্বরবিপ্রপার্টি - ID1875501

লিস্টিং-এর বিস্তারিত

Great news for the flat hunters who are looking for their next destination! Thakur Para is offering a flat which comprises 1300 Square Feet area in this specific area featuring amiable space for cordial living. The vacant flat is nicely planned and comes complete with 3 beds, 3 baths and Tiled floor. The bathrooms and kitchen with durable fittings ensure the buyer decision even more legitimate for what they are pursuing for. For your cooking essentials, you are getting a convenient kitchen. You would also have balconies for unwinding in your morning and evening hours. A private parking space comes with the offered flat for your car accommodation. The price for this flat comes within your affordability at BDT 14,500. Advance for 2 months.

We are here waiting to acknowledge your need and aid you with the best property.

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