We Have A Ready Flat For Rent In Fatulla Nearby Narayanganj Govt. Girls' High SchoolWe Have A Ready Flat For Rent In Fatulla Nearby Narayanganj Govt. Girls' High School
মাসদাইর গোরস্তান রোড, ফতুল্লা, নারায়নগঞ্জ সিটি
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২ বাথরুম
৭০০ বর্গফুট


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লিস্টিং-এর বিস্তারিত

A calm place to live in with serene surroundings, yes Fatulla residential area is surely that kind of a location in our busy city. A beautiful bed and bath apartment is vacant in the location right now. This apartment has all the facilities you will need like gas, electricity and water supplies. Once you enter the home you will find out how well the apartment is planned. The rooms are spacious enough to pass some great and comfortable time with friends and family. A large and airy dining space is sited just in front of drawing room having ample space to place your beautiful dining setup. Bathrooms are completed with durable fittings to meet the criterion of a modern apartment. A parking space for the respective unit is dedicated to the safeguarding of your vehicle.

2 months advance.

We earnestly request to give us a call right away to win the deal offered.

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