800 SQ Ft apartment for rent is all set for you to settle in Thakur Para close to Shree Shree Kalitola Kali Mandir

ঠাকুরপাড়া রোড, ঠাকুরপাড়া, কুমিল্লা
Front view - 2 Bed Apartment to Rent in Thakur Para, Cumilla - 1884164
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১০,৫০০ BDT
  • ৮০০  বর্গ ফুট

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    ঠাকুরপাড়া রোড, ঠাকুরপাড়া, কুমিল্লা
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Amicable environment, appropriate commuting system and equitable prices of properties make the area Thakur Para spectacular and most sought to all the home stalkers who are looking for properties. The flat comes with the most pleasant looking entrance hosting 2 beds and 2 baths and tiled floor. Well-to-do living and effortless movement which have to be on top of your wishlists if you are here to know about this home and reckon to own it. The Kitchen area is positioned close to the dining space for your congenial gourmet hour. The washrooms are tiled with durable fittings that would make you content with your supposed sanitation. The price of this flat is BDT 10,500.

Do not miss this affordable offer and we are just a call away to close the deal for you!
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