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Why Buy a Flat in Adabor?

Adabor is situated in one of the middle hubs of Dhaka city. It is a favored location for many people to reside as moving to any places of Dhaka is much more convenient from the location. Living in Adabor is economical than many other places in Dhaka City. Many shopping malls, super shops, food chains and confectionary shops are situated in Adabor to make the everyday life more relaxed for the residents.

Accessibility and Commute Times to or from Adabor

- Being in the middle place of Dhaka city Adabor gives that perk of easy access to varied locations of Dhaka. The nearby areas of Adabor are Mohammadpur, Shamoli, Kollanpur. Dhanmondi is just 4 km away from Adabor and can be reached within 20 minutes precisely. Another location Mirpur can be reached in almost 33 minutes which is 7 km away. The available transports, bus stops, CNG and other transportation, reduce the transportation strain of the locals.

Flats or Properties in Adabor

- Adabor has a wide range of properties for the living and commercial usage. One can usually own the properties offered here in an economical way. The area has residential flats mostly preferred by the middle stature of our society. The flats here have mostly two bedrooms and three bedrooms. The location is nearby Shamoli and Mohammadpur area and attracted by the commercial troops of our society.

Life Style and Community in Adabor

- Adabor offers a content living with a taste of jovialness for its residents. As DNCC Wonderland is just a few minutes away, residents can take their kids for their weekend recreation. Some shopping malls located in Adabor to fit the shopping needs of the people, Shamoli Square is preferred by most of the residents. As Mohammadpur is a nearby location, the food chains and restaurants are preferred by the local people for their recreation after a busy day. Some popular bank branches, ATM booths are sited there within reach of residents and commercial places.

Educational Institutions in Adabor

- Adabor has some good schools to abate your kids' schooling concern. Adabor Ideal School, Begum Noor Jahan Memorial girls High School, Shamoli public school, Queens College and others are some of the famous schools in the area.

Hospitals and Medical Emergencies in Adabor

- Medical need is one of the most vital factors in choosing a location to move in with your family. Dhaka Central International Medical College and Hospital and Bangladesh Specialized hospital in Shyamoli meets the medical need of the residents.