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Discussion of requirements with Bproperty

Selling property is no easy task. Your decision to sell your property will be surrounded by many questions such as ‘What is the best price to sell at?’, ‘What legal issues need to be considered?’, and ‘How do I reach the buyers that are best for me?


Property details collection & validation

With your trust gained and your customized plan now laid out, Bproperty will collect important information regarding the property itself; the location, size and condition. Information of this nature helps us evaluate your property so we can discuss the best approach to selling your property such that your objectives are met successfully.


Legal documents for verification

Bproperty collects legal documents relating to your property in order to confirm the validity of the property and owner, and to advise on the requirement of updates or missing documents. This ensures that upon finding a valid buyer, there are no hiccups in the process. Buyers will always stray away from the slightest sign of legal problems. We believe in ensuring all legal documents and our in-house experts will work with you to solve legal and document issues to give the right impression.


Property Images

The team will proceed to take photographs and videos of the property to provide potential buyers with an efficient and modern method of viewing your property, improving the buying process. As such, the pictures are meant to compliment your property and position it favourably for buyers, making it an attractive investment.


Agreements with Bproperty

Once we have acquired everything to create a great listing that ensures your property is well represented, there are some concerns to be discussed and agreed upon such as the service charge of Bproperty upon the successful sale of your property. This agreement will be finalized in the signing of the MOU by both Bproperty and yourself.


Sell your property with ease of mind

After these steps have been covered, all that is left is for you to do is wait while we handle everything until your property is sold. Prospective buyers come to us daily to access the best property listings in the country. When a buyer shows interest in your property, we engage with them on various matters. They must meet and pass our requirements on matters of background and financial capacity before we take them to the next step of the process - property viewing.


Legal agreements between all parties

Once your property has been chosen and all your finances are in order, Bproperty will draw up the following agreements.There are two parts to this - the Tripartite agreement and the Deed of Agreement.
The Tripartite Agreement is a signed agreement between the seller, Bproperty and the buyer confirming the agreed upon terms of the deal.
The Deed of Agreement is the signed agreement between the seller and the customer about the payment schedule to be followed, handover of the apartment and handover of all legal documents.


Handover of the property

When all the steps are met, and Bproperty ensures that they always are, all that is left is to finally handover the property to the new owner. Congratulations! You have successfully completed the sale of your property through Bproperty.

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