Beautiful Apartment Is Up For Sale In Central Road Nearby Wibt College

সেন্টার রোড, হাতিরপুল, ঢাকা
Bedroom - 3 Bed Apartment for Sale in Hatirpool, Dhaka - 1880522
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১১,৫০০,০০০ BDT
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বিস্তারিত বিবরণ

If you are looking for a home that will make your everyday life easy then check this lovely apartment located in Hatirpool. The building welcomes with a very commodious parking lot and an elevator to take to the desired unit The position of the house makes sure you get everyday necessity within your reach.

The apartment comes with 3 beds, 4 baths, drawing, dining, balcony and a kitchen. All-time electricity, water, gas services are also convenient and available here. The locality around the home is very pleasant. With this wonderful floor plan the apartment boasts large balconies offering exceptional views. All of the Bathrooms are completed with durable fittings to give you a better living experience. You do not need to worry about water, gas and electricity while staying in this home. Moreover, the home retains the value of peaceful living while being conveniently close to shops, school and transport. All time maintenance facility and intercom is there to ensure your secured life.

The apartment also has the features below:

North Faced
Covered By: 5
Road Size: 16
9 Storied
Electricity Backup
Reception Area
Intercom Connection
Dedicated Security Guard
3 Bedrooms
4 Baths
Tiled Floor
Utilities (Gas, Water & Electricity)
Nearby Amenities:Children Home Pre-Cadet High School, BCSIR playground, Prime Bank Limited

Don't miss the chance to avail this beautiful property.
For more details feel free to contact us.
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    • লবি সুবিধা: yes
    • ইলেক্ট্রিসিটি ব্যাকআপ সুবিধা: yes
  • অন্যান্য সুযোগ - সুবিধাসমূহ
    • পোষ্য প্রানী রাখবার অনুমতি: Not Allowed
    • মেইনটেনেন্স স্টাফ: yes
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