Flat For Rent In Manoharpur Near Comilla Victoria Government CollegeFlat For Rent In Manoharpur Near Comilla Victoria Government College
মনোহরপুর, কান্দিরপাড়, কুমিল্লা
২ বেডরুম
২ বাথরুম
৯৩০ বর্গফুট


  • ধরণফ্ল্যাট
  • মূল্য
  • বেডরুম
  • বাথরুম
  • এলাকা৯৩০ বর্গফুট
  • উদ্দেশ্যভাড়ার জন্য
  • অবস্থানমনোহরপুর, কান্দিরপাড়, কুমিল্লা
  • রেফারেন্স নম্বরবিপ্রপার্টি - ID1895770

লিস্টিং-এর বিস্তারিত

The place Kandirpar comes to our mind and what we can picture is the area holding the most inhabitant friendly and green atmosphere. Now Kandirpar is proposing one of the best deals for your new home. The corresponding unit having the most outstanding amenities that come along with this splendid building. A well-maintained Elevator takes to this most beautiful house. You would get a taste of elite as soon as you enter the drawing room for your leisure hours. The kitchen room is nicely planned for any occupant who seeks for a spacious cooking area. The house got bed with bath with best quality fittings for guaranteeing healthy hygiene. You are getting an open parking space allotted for this significant flat to make sure your car is all safe with the support of well-trained security guards. A good amount of school, colleges and groceries are also located in the nearby area.

1 month advance.

We are here waiting to acknowledge your need and aid you with the best property.

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Floor Level
পার্কিং স্পেস: ১
ডাবল গ্লেজড জানালা
লিফট সংখ্যা: ১
ফ্রিহোল্ড প্রপার্টি
মেইনটেনেন্স স্টাফ
এবং আরও ১টি

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