An Apartment Is Ready For Rent At Gulshan 2, Near Aurora International School

গুলশান ২, গুলশান, ঢাকা
Dining area - 4 Bed Apartment to Rent in Gulshan, Dhaka - 1941818
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The main entrance door of this lavish apartment in the elite area of Gulshan, will immediately make you a fan. It shows that a lot of thought has been put into that itself, crafted with imaginations of the mind and designed by someone who knows their work in and out. With two entrances to this apartment, choose either one. Walk in to your right to see the drawing room with exquisite wooden floor that leads to a hemispheric balcony. Go through the other entrance and on towards the dining room to find that the tiles are similar to the ones you find in greek mythological artwork. Large squares with borders also taking you to another balcony.

The guest room also has wooden floors and the children room can be accessed through two different rooms. The master bedroom is vast and attached to that is a bathroom with marble work for the basin and the bathtub. Finally, if you want to breathe in a new life that will replenish your senses, just enter the common balcony to find yourself lost in thoughts of serenity.

Advance payment and service charge are required.

Property Features:
West Faced
Covered Area: 4
Number of floors:6
Electricity Backup
Dedicated Security Guard
Tiled Floor
Utilities (Gas, Water & Electricity)
Nearby Amenities: Gulshan 2 DCC Market, Gulshan 2 roundabout, Pink City

If you like the flat, call us right away to know more.
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