Comfortable And Nicely Planned Flat In Bashundhara R-A For Rent Nearby North South University

ব্লক এ, বসুন্ধরা আর-এ, ঢাকা
Dining area - 3 Bed Apartment to Rent in Bashundhara R-A, Dhaka - 1944334
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৯০,০০০ BDT
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বিস্তারিত বিবরণ

Being an area where the tranquility is the most attractive factor, Bashundhara R-A, keeps its name by providing residents with the best of facilities. Some of its lucrative features include great eateries, amenities and other benefits which make living easier for residents. It's a green area, filled with trees and a natural environment. Hence, the serenity won't let you go anywhere else.

When you enter this apartment, you will notice that there's a room right in front of you. That's the guest room. It's compact and convenient. Move away and towards the center of the apartment to see that there's a large space in the middle. You can use that for your drawing and dining space. There's a balcony straight ahead from where you will be able to get a good view of the area. The master bedroom has an attached bathroom and windows of a marvelous design. The semi master bedroom also has an attached washroom. Overall, this apartment is remarkable in the sense you will have enough space to decorate it as you please.

An attendant's bathroom is available.

Property Features:
South Faced
Covered Area: 4.5
Number of floors:9
Electricity Backup
Dedicated Security Guard
Tiled Floor
Utilities (Gas, Water & Electricity)
Nearby Amenities: North South University, Independent University Bangladesh, Tamanna Pharmacy

Feel free to contact us to know more about this apartment.

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        • Apartment Listing- Bashundhara R-A
          Apartment Listing- Bashundhara R-A
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