Who we are

bproperty.com is the largest real estate market place in Bangladesh. Being an e-commerce property portal, we cater to the needs of those seeking real estate services, with a promise to deliver a high class service and make the house hunting and renting / buying process easier than ever. By offering the easiest platform enabling you to consume property content in the comfort of their own surroundings, this enables anyone to buy, rent or sell properties in Bangladesh.

bproperty.com is part of the Emerging Markets Property Group which also owns top UAE property portal Bayut (www.bayut.com) and the largest property portal in Pakistan, Zameen.com. Our investors are some of the top names from the global property portal industry, who operate highly successful ventures across the world, such as SeLoger.com, the largest and most successful property portal in France.

Mark Nosworthy

Director at bproperty.com

bproperty.com is led by Mark Nosworthy.With a strong financial background as well as experience globally in growing and scaling e-commerce businesses, Mark leads a strong team at bproperty who are all driven to ensure Bangladesh consumers get the trusted service they require when dealing with any property transaction.

Our Team

Bproperty is led by a team of global property portal veterans with decades of experience under their belt.