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Bashundhara R/A is proposing the corresponding communities a green atmosphere and ample space between the buildings and roads which make the accommodation pleasant and comforting. Clients can look for their desired living/commercial space based on their priorities which could be - swift transportation facilities/ Medical or academical help/ Shopping/ commercial reasons. They can choose certain properties meeting their needs in terms of the bedroom and garage preferences for fitting the family by means of accessibility to the hospitals, mall, and departmental stores. Bashundhara R/A is still developing with loads of upcoming and innovative projects which have all ranges of properties keeping every market segment in their mind. Undeniably this area could be on top of every client’s shortlist for choosing the right place for them.

Accessibility and Commute times

Bashundhara Residential Area is one of the most dweller friendly suburban zone situated alongside other renowned areas like Banani, Gulshan, Baridhara & Nikunjo. Distances and travel time with some of the significant locations are - Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (6.0 Km away having 11 minutes of travel time), Banani (10 Km away having 22 minutes of travel time), Gulshan (10 Km away having 23 minutes of travel time), Baridhara (7 Km away having 20 minutes of travel time), Uttara (13 Km away having 35 minutes of travel time). There is a 300 FT road connecting to the Airport road for prompt entrance into the area and the area and also the frontal entrance is adjacent to the largest shopping mall – Jamuna Future Park, which makes the movement flexible and stress-free for the residents through Bashundhara gate bus stop, CNG auto rickshaws and mobile application based transportation services for those who are residing without any personal vehicle. 300 FT road makes the moving a lot easier for those who own cars/bikes through Kuril flyovers linking to other prime locations like Banani, Mirpur, and Nikunjo.

Apartments and Properties

The respective area offers plentiful arrays of residential apartments for all kinds of occupants. Such as, you will find an enormous amount of flats within your means if you have budget starting from BDT 5 to 10 Million or BDT 10 – 15 Million. The area holds a major number of residential flats having the mentioned price range for selling purpose. Furthermore, the sizes of the offered flats usually range from 1100 SQFT – 1500 SQFT. But those who are looking for more commodious apartments they will also find flats offering sizes of 2000 SQFT and above providing more facilities which include the frontal space of the apartment or the allotted parking spaces. The price range of the residential flats offers fairly higher selling vary from one block to another. For instance, A - block offers expensive flats for having remarkable private universities and Head Office of a Multinational Company adjoining to the respective block. Those who aim to buy comfy and lavish ones but also affordable at the same time can find fine-looking flats in a desirable and sound rate as well.

Lifestyle and Community

Bashundhara R/A takes pride in having the largest shopping mall of the country - Jamuna Future Park for meeting the shopping needs of the residents. For availing various cuisines like Indian, Chinese and continental foods there are Restaurants close to A and C blocks. Cafes & Coffeeshops are at walking distance from Block – A, for those who are looking for places to spend time with friends and family. For convenient banking facilities, there are a few commercial banks available nearby Block – A & B. There is an out-and-out departmental store called “Mehedi Mart” at Block-D for daily shopping needs having two restaurants on top floors of the building. For personal grooming, the inhabitants may find beauty salons and gymnasium sited nearby Block – A in Bashundhara R/A.


Unlike most other areas of Dhaka, Bashundhara R/A has one of the most resilient security and surveillance systems for safeguarding the accommodation for the residents and also those who are approaching the area on a daily basis for working motives. If the inhabitants face any legal hitches they can effortlessly come to contact with Bhatara Police Station which is right adjacent to the area as well. There are check posts and security guards to ensure zero occurrences of any illegal turbulence. The area has got a fixed amount of rickshaw - pullers who are only allowed to move within the region and provide movement facilities to the residents of Bashundhara R/A, to prevent unexpected and common crimes like hijacking/mugging. Apart from that, CCTV cameras are installed within and between the properties to evade stealing, robbing, and any other unlawful chaos.

School/ College/ Universities

The area retains one of the topnotch private universities like – North South University (NSU), Independent University of Bangladesh (IUB) and one of the best schools – ISD (International School of Dhaka), Viqarunnisa Noon School for the dwellers, complying with their demand. Despite there are some other schools like Playpen, Hurdco Intl. School for relieving the parents about their kids’ schooling requirements. The schools and universities are within walking distance and rickshaws make the movement even easier for the locals.

Hospitals & Medical Emergencies

For health predicaments, natives can avail medical treatment from one of the best hospitals in the city – Apollo Hospital offering best doctors and medical amenities. For supporting the usual, medical and wellbeing needs a few drugstores are also available neighboring the hospital.