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Posh, elegance and grandeur describe the high-end area of Gulshan. Whether it’s a luxurious restaurant or a park for a long stroll, Gulshan has it all. There are great apartments fit for those willing to make the expenditure and a royal lifestyle that boasts as one of the best in Dhaka.

Accessibility and Commute times

Commute times vary from one area to another while subject to transportation means and traffic conditions. CNG auto-rickshaws, buses and traveling on foot are some of the most efficient ways of locomotion, used by residents to move within the area. The distance from one end to the another in Gulshan is a mere 2 km. From Gulshan to other major areas, the distances and commute times are as follows – Uttara is 15 km away and a 38-minute drive, Baridhara J block is 4 km away and a 13-minute drive, Bashundhara is 10 km away and a 28-minute drive while Banani is fairly close, being just a 9-minute drive from Gulshan. The nearest bus stop is Gulshan 2 and the airport is 10 km away.


Those seeking a high-end and luxurious lifestyle will find Gulshan a lucrative area to reside in. Bedroom based ranges begin from one-bedroom apartments and head on to 7-bedroom duplexes, implying that the standard space capacities fall within the scope of 1000 to 6000 Square feet, while popularity depends largely on personal preferences. Usually, 3 to 4 bedroom apartments make the list of the most attractive kinds and they’re favored by families of moderate sizes. Gulshan is considered to be one of the top-notch areas to live in, fit for those willing to make sizeable expenses on aristocracy and grandeur – features which most Gulshan-based dwellers embrace.

Lifestyle and Community

Inhabitants enjoy the diversity of cuisines and recreational spots that Gulshan has to offer. Lounges and fast food joints give folks a chance to unwind after work, pampering them quality food, service, and comforting ambiances. Japanese, Italian, Korean, Chinese and multiple other niche restaurants are interspersed within the area, so much so that people from different ends of the city are seen to visit them for new experiences. Gulshan Lake park, Gulshan Youth Club, and several gymnasiums give people a chance to stay fit. Abundant departmental stores allow for convenient fulfillment of daily shopping needs while shopping malls such as Pink City and supermalls like Agora are also available to suit varying customer preferences.

School/College and Universities

Occupants of the area will notice renowned schools and universities within the area for educational purposes. Australian International School Dhaka, New School Dhaka and other institutions of rising popularity are also present within the area, helping you ensure your children’s educational needs are met. Various universities like Presidency University, American International University Bangladesh provide multiple disciplines of study to choose from.

Hospitals and Medical Emergencies

Everyone needs assurance of good health and a place to take care of their medical emergencies. One of Dhaka’s best hospitals, United Hospital, is located in Gulshan. Numerous pharmacies/drugstores are located in the area so in case any urgency arises, there is no need to worry.