Buyers Guide

Search thousands of listings for your dream place


Find your desired property on

Log onto to find your desired property. Use the search functionality on the website to select your desired location and property requirements along with your estimated budget. Bproperty will then show you available properties to browse at your leisure. Bproperty also uses a mix of images, videos and user experiences to take you inside your chosen property from the comforts of your home.


Get in touch with our customer service representatives

Once you have selected one or more properties that fit your criteria, get in touch with our CS agents who will take your precise requirements and pass the information onto a Bproperty expert to guide you on your real estate journey.


Discuss specific requests with sales experts

Our sales experts will meet with you to understand your specific requests, the purpose of your purchase as well as any queries relating to real estate in Bangladesh. They will also take into account your purchasing affordability and your means of payment in order to effectively and efficiently guide you towards the right property for you.


Property selection and arrangement of viewings

Your Bproperty sales expert will select appropriate properties based on your defined requirements and present the properties to you. Those selected will be handpicked to your requirements with verified documentation and legal clearances to ensure your confidence in every property. For the properties that you then shortlist, Bproperty will organize viewings, to your convenience, to determine whether the property is truly suitable to your needs and to your liking.


Arrangement of finances

Figure out if the property in question falls within your budget. Discuss and decide with the property seller on a payment method. Figure out whether you wish to follow a housing loan scheme and how to handle registration costs & tax issues.


Get legal advice through Bproperty

Once a property is chosen, an important issue is handling legal paperwork. Bproperty provides legal support to guide you through the entire process; firstly ensuring all property documents as maintained and up-to-par as well as ensuring your interests as a buyer are wholly met.


Finalize your property purchase

Once your property has been chosen and all your finances are in order, Bproperty will draw up the following agreements. There are two parts to this - the Tripartite agreement and the Deed of Agreement.
The Tripartite Agreement is a signed agreement between the seller, Bproperty and the buyer confirming the agreed upon terms of the deal.
The Deed of Agreement is the signed agreement between the seller and the customer about the payment schedule to be followed, handover of the apartment and handover of all legal documents.


Be the owner of your dream home

After these steps have been met, the property will be handed over and registered to your name. The last step now is to enjoy yourself as the proud owner of the property you have been dreaming of.