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1-15 of 264 Apartments
If you have utmost comfort within the economic value on your mind, Uttara could be the place you are searching for. It’s one of the most coveted areas in Dhaka city for renting or buying properties for both residential and commercial assimilation. The area has to offer a large range of food places, shopping malls and outlets of renowned local brands, community and commercial places which are effortlessly handy to all income groups.

Accessibility and Commute Times

Uttara is being vastly well-known not only for its exclusive residential and commercial properties but also the convenient accessibility to the location. Uttara promptly links to Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport which is 14 Km away by 37 - minutes’ drive and Hajj Camp Mosque is 6 Km away from the ingress to the area. The area also connects with the Tongi and Ashulia Highway which is basically the departure ends of Dhaka division. You will get easy access to the area through Azampur and House Building bus stops, CNG auto rickshaws and mobile application based transportation services.

Apartments/ Properties

Uttara is the out-and-out area where you would find properties that meet your desire, offering generous series of deals. People of upper, higher-middle and even middle class can easily persuade themselves to choose the right property here. If you are not worried about the budget, you could pursue Sector 1 & Sector 3 for both housing and commercial properties which are neighboring to renowned community club, a few popular schools and post office. The price gets a bit lesser and easy-going in terms of the sizes of the properties in Sector 4, 5, 6 & 7. In Sector 6 & 10, you would find flats or offices that offer commodious size with credible value. The rate goes up in Sector 9 for having popular restaurants and fast food outlets, commercial places and hospitals which makes this specific zone more congenial.

Lifestyle and Community

The area is having a good poise of eventful daylight hours and revitalizing outing at nighttime for its locals, likewise for the outsiders. Within spitting distance, you will have eminent hospitals, community places and shopping malls in Sector 6 and Sector 7. You would find it tempting to reside in Sector 9 as its neighboring to some popular fast food outlets to take your friends and family out for calming yourself after a long tiring day. Banks and ATM booths are accessible within the reach from offices and all other commercial points. For communal needs, many mosques are located in almost every sectors at Uttara. The positioning of restaurants, customer care points for telecommunication services, schools & colleges, clubs and commercial places – makes the area worth living for those who are probing for reasonable and economical options and also those who would choose luxury over affordability. Hence, we can say Uttara brings in all breeds of populaces since it’s a place where all the needs and requirements fit in both for homestay and commercial reasons.

Educational Institutions

When you would look for educational institutes for your siblings or children, Uttara would not disappoint you. Some of the renowned schools – Scholastica School, Uttara High School & College, DPS school Rajuk Uttara Model College, Universities - Uttara University (Sector 6), Asian University of Bangladesh are located within walking distance from respective residential regions.

Hospital & Medical Emergencies

The medical sanctuary is a must when you are planning for a peaceful dormitory. Thus, Uttara lets you get through some of the hospitals that provide quality medical treatment e.g. Popular Diagnostic Center, Labaid Diagnostic Center, Lubana General Hospital, Bangladesh Medical.