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Why Buy a Flat in Dhanmondi?

One of the most vibrant and festive localities of Dhaka City is Dhanmondi. Thre area is evolving as one of the most centralized zones in Dhaka. In today’s time, it is getting more renowned for its substantial growth for both residential and commercial picks. The area attracts the whole city people with its vastly known national and international food chains besides numerous shopping malls and evidently the serene lakeside living which is an everyday experience for the locals.

Accessibility and Commute Times to or from Dhanmondi

- The area is easily accessible from other parts of Dhaka City. The oldest and traditional market of Bangladesh, Newmarket is just 2 km away from Dhanmondi. Residents can enjoy their weekend shopping by reaching there within 30 minutes. Other Major areas like Shamoli is 17 minutes away. Dhanmondi connects other significant places, like Bijoy soroni, Farmgate, Mirpur, old Dhaka, and others.

Flats or Properties in Dhanmondi

- Families from the diversified stature of our society can choose the suitable property from the range that this area offers. Those who choose a posh lifestyle and not that concerned about the range can choose flats or commercial places in Dhanmondi 9A/8A or 12A. The existence of various internationally recognized food chains and shopping malls in the area makes the place worthwhile for the commercial place-seekers and hence the price differs. On the other hand, more viable flats are in Road 10, Shankar, Jhigatola and others. The property price in this area usually varies according to the size, facilities, securities and other benefits the property has to offer.

Lifestyle and Community in Dhanmondi

- Being recognized as the liveliest neighborhood in Dhaka, Dhanmondi upholds its pride from decades. Talk about Pohela Boishakh, Puja, Eid and what not. Dhanmondi undoubtedly gives you the best vibes a festival can offer. Rabindra Sharabor situated in the lake area is the place where all sorts of people choose their evening tea spot with a quiet walk beside the lake. Dhanmondi has many classy shopping malls and departmental stores within walking distance. The vast range of differentiated food chains not only gives the residents the chance to relish their eating experience but also it gives some splendid places to hang out with their friends and family.

Educational Institutions in Dhanmondi

- The area ensures a secured and higher standard academical requirements for children coming from whole Dhaka City. Dhanmondi has well-reputed schools like Maple Leaf International School, Dhanmondi tutorial, Oxford International School, Scholastica, Sunbeams and much more. Few Private Universities like United International University, University of Liberal Arts, Daffodil University, Bangladesh Medical College are also situated in Dhanmondi.

Hospitals and Medical Emergencies in Dhanmondi

- Medical facilities provided by Hospitals of Dhanmondi like IBN Sina Hospital, Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital, DIPHAM hospitals which are serving for the medical emergencies of residents. Labaid specialized hospital in Dhanmondi provides the higher facilitated treatment for the locals and others.