March 2015


Reading Time: 2 minutes Bangladesh is gradually embracing the use of drones in many sectors, including construction, survey mapping and cinematography. Drones these days come at a cheaper price, within the reach of most people. This increasing affordability has also led to the use of drones in recreational purposes. The Bangladesh government has some laws to regulate the use of drones both for commercial and recreational purposes. However, flying a drone also requires practice and some cautionary measures. Keep reading to know how you can have a safe flight with drones. Get a Permit: Whether you are using your drone for your business or for fun, you need to get a permit from the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB). You also need an approval for every flight. The application procedure will require the following information: Pilot’s Personal Information Purpose of Flight (Research, Construction, Videography, etc.) Drone Description (Safety features, Weight, Departure Timings, etc.) Flight…