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Investing in property means an investment for the rest of your life. That’s why when it comes to purchasing an apartment, most people go through a detailed decision-making process. After all, a right decision can ensure a secured future. On that note, are you planning to purchase an apartment anytime soon? Because if you are, then this is just the right time. Compared to most investment options, real estate investments are generating a handsome return. Plus, as our country is developing at a fast pace, demand for urban accomodation is going to increase in future. That means your current investment will generate returns in no time. However, if you are looking for a permanent settlement, then buying an apartment now would be less expensive, considering the increase in price in future. Whichever your reason is, it starts with finding the right apartment. So let’s take a look at the top apartments for sale in Dhaka!

3,827 Sq. Ft. Apartment At Gulshan 1

If you are planning for buying an apartment in Gulshan 1, check out this property
If you are planning for buying an apartment in Gulshan 1, check out this property

Among the popular location for residences in Dhaka, Gulshan is a top choice for apartment buyers. Not just because of the availability of exclusive properties in this location but also the area benefits. Since most of the organizations are shifting their offices in the new commercial hub of Dhaka, living in Gulshan becomes more convenient. Additionally, Gulshan is located almost to the center of the city and most of the important areas are easily accessible from here. Plus, most of the things you need for regular living, Gulshan offers them all.

In this premium locality, Bproperty offers a 3,827 Sq. Ft. apartment for you and your family. It comes with four large beds and baths with a large dining cum living space. This north facing apartment is a few minutes walk away from the serene Gulshan Lake. Also, as this building is located at the edge of Gulshan 1, you will not have to worry about traffic and irritating noises either. Moreover, you will feel more safe and secured.

3,600 Sq. Ft. Apartment At Gulshan 2

Purchase an apartment at one of the finest locations in Gulshan 2
Purchase an apartment at one of the finest locations in Gulshan 2

If you are looking for a purely residential area then Gulshan 2 should be on your list of preferences. Unlike any other areas in Dhaka, Gulshan 2 was developed as a diplomatic zone. Therefore, this area has tight security and several restrictions on regular movement, making it the perfect locality for residences.

Almost similar to the previous property, we present you one of the magnificent apartments for sale, a 3,600 Sq. Ft. flat at Gulshan 2. This one also comes with 4 beds and baths but with a finer touch in design and materials. It has pre-installed wooden cabinets in bedrooms and the kitchen. Bathrooms are made with premium quality sanitarywares and tiles. On top of that, you will have a designated parking space with this property.

2,550 Sq. Ft. Apartment At Banani Block – B

Don't miss your chance to own one of the finest apartments for sale in Banani
Don’t miss your chance to own one of the finest apartments for sale in Banani

Being right next to Gulshan, Banani is also a top preference for residence. Especially, for those who are looking for exclusive properties but at an affordable rate, Banani is just the right place. The reason why apartments here are more affordable is that the area is not purely residential. It has a good balance between commercial and residential properties. But as the area offers a decent environment for living with all basic necessities nearby, purchasing Banani apartments can turn out to be a good deal for you.

Here, we have one of the finest apartments for sale in Banani, a 2,250 Sq. Ft. apartment at Banani Block B. This flat has 3 spacious bedrooms with 3 baths for a comfortable family living in the city. Each bed has an open wall to wall glass-door balconies for maximum light and airflow. Also, this building has an open floor layout meaning you get decorate your home to your preference. Although the apartment building is away from the main roads you might have to deal with slight traffic in the area, especially during office hours.

2,340 Sq. Ft Apartment Near Kemal Ataturk Avenue

If you are looking for a modern apartment, dont forget to check this apartment
If you are looking for a modern apartment, don’t forget to check this apartment

Presenting another exclusive apartment in Banani near Kemal Ataturk Avenue. This 2,340 Sq. Ft. apartment is clearly no match for others. Starting from the aesthetic exterior to a perfectly designed interior, this apartment certainly stands out from the rest. Once you step in, you will understand the intrinsic value of the property. From top to bottom, this apartment building oozes with luxury. For a flat of this size, it comes with 3 bedrooms and baths. Every room of this flat has a modern touch to it and would be perfect for a minimalistic decor. It also comes with pre-installed cabinets in each room made from the finest materials. If these features match with your taste, then surely you should check out this apartment.

1,180 Sq. Ft. Apartment At Dr Goli, Malibagh

Malibagh is becoming popular day by day to buy a flat in Dhaka
Malibagh is becoming popular day by day to buy a flat in Dhaka

Our last pick for the month is a 1,180 Sq. Ft apartment at Dr Goli, Malibagh. It is a 3-bed south-facing apartment in one of the most desirable locations in the neighborhood. Being right beside the popular DIT road, you will not have to worry about area accessibility. All the basic necessities are just around the corner. Additionally, there are multiple educational institutions and renowned hospitals located in this area. Furthermore, as the area is close to Hatirjeel, you can easily commute to the northern part of Dhaka city as well. For such an affordable rate, you will also receive full-time maintenance and cleaning staffs to take care of your apartment building. So, why not give this property a try?

If any of the properties is a match for your requirement, kindly reach out to us. If not,  feel free to share your preferences with us in the comments section below, we would be happy to help you find the best and available apartments for sale!


  1. Please give me some info of 910 sqf flat in shewrapara, kazipara or mirpur.

  2. Hello Mr Anwar,
    We currently have 2 listings of exactly 910 sqft in the area you requested. They are linked below. But I’ve also linked all the listings in the Mirpur area between 900-950 sqft. Feel free to go through those. I hope this helps. For further queries, knock us on our Facebook profile or call our customer service hotline.

    East Kazipara:
    East Shewrapara:
    900-950 sqft:
    Customer hotline: +8809612110011

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