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Investing in real estate is a time-honored trait of Bangladeshis. We grew up hearing discussions among our parents and relatives about land they have or inherited, its value and utilization. We adapted this love and watched as for many the demand shifted towards owning a property in the illustrious Dhaka City. But in today’s living and financial conditions, how many can afford a new property? As it turns out, anyone can own a property in Dhaka with Bproperty Mortgage.

Bproperty Mortgage

A solution to home financing

Bproperty Mortgage is our service to assist you to acquire a valued home loan to secure that property you’ve always dreamed of. Bproperty has partnered with the very top home loan partners so you don’t have to go through the hassle of doing extra homework and research. With a range of partnered banks and financial institutions, you can choose your preferred partner to pursue the purchase.


Start living a better life

Acquiring a home loan through the Bproperty Mortgage program helps you in assessing your requirements and necessary documents, connects you directly to the institutions best for your particular purpose, and ensures quick embarking on the journey. It also entitles you to a simplified process, faster processing times, preferential rates opportunities and possibly lower requirement levels.

Comparing Alternatives

There is only one place to turn for hassle free home loan

Being able to acquire a home loan is no easy task in and of itself – eligibility concerns, document verification, processing times, interest rates, and sanctioning delays are very common things to expect. It is tolerated by most but can be eased with the right information and planning. Avoid the wait, hassle, stress, and loss of sleep by using Bproperty Mortgage solutions instead.

The core promise of Bproperty Mortgage is a more convenient and swifter solution to your home financing needs. With our real estate expertise and great partnerships with the top banks and financial institutions, you can rest assured of a better experience with us.

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