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While most areas in Dhaka are clogging up fast, Uttara is not going with the flow. That doesn’t stop this area from continuous developments. Instead, it is considered one of the best planned residential areas of Dhaka. That is also why it attracts the most residential apartment buyers currently. These buyers are attracted to Uttara for several facilities it provides. One of such facilities is the number of reputed colleges in here. While going through several considerations before purchasing an apartment, proximity to the desired college is a strong one. Then again, you are investing a considerable amount of your time in the apartment so you make sure you pick the right one as well. That is why we are bringing you the best and convenient flats worth your investment around the best colleges in this part of the city. Let’s start with RAJUK Uttara Model College.

Apartment Around RAJUK Uttara Model College

RAJUK Uttara Model College
Bproperty brings you one of the finest apartments in Uttara beside RAJUK Uttara Model College

RAJUK Uttara Model College is located at Uttara sector 6, just beside the main road. Needless to say, it is one of the top colleges in Uttara. Every year, countless of students dream to continue their higher secondary level in this college. Just behind this reputed educational institution, we have a 3,300 sq.ft apartment ready for sale. With 4 beds and 3 baths, this lavish apartment has more than enough space for your family.

Delhi Public School in Uttara

Delhi Public School
Grab a magnificent 1,700 sq.ft. apartment beside DPH

This school is also one of the reputed international schools in Dhaka. Across the globe, they have multiple schools and educational institutions. Collaborating with STS group, they have established this international school in Bangladesh. Currently, they have two sections in our country. One junior and one senior section and both of them in Uttara. If you plan to enroll your children in the junior section, then the previous apartment can be an excellent choice. Or if you are aiming for the senior section, then check out this 1,700 sq.ft fine apartment in Uttara sector 12. Not only it is really close to the school but is also a great neighborhood to live in. You should definitely take this apartment under consideration if you want convenience for you and your family.

A 2,250 SQ.FT Lavish Apartment  Near Uttara High School And College

Your children can too get a better education with the oldest and the most reputed colleges in Uttara

UHSC is one of the oldest colleges in Uttara. Established in 1985, UHSC educated many in this area. For its long history and reputation, many parents prefer this college for their children. If you are one of those parents and plan to move nearby, we have the perfect apartment for you. Just around the corner, Bproperty manages a 2,250 sq.ft lavish apartment. Check out this fine apartment, and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Scholastica Uttara

There are hardly few educational institutions that maintain quality education like Scholastica

Another prominent English medium educational institution in Dhaka is Scholastica. Though they have several branches spread around Dhaka, there is only one in Uttara. If you want to move to one of the prominent areas in this neighborhood and ensure a good future for your child’s education, then look no further. Bproperty brings you a 1,750 sq.ft apartment in Sector 4, near Scholastica Dhaka. Take a look at this apartment, and you might just find your dream apartment in this prominent residential area.

one of the best colleges in Uttara, Milestone School and College

Milestone College
You don’t have to worry about sending your children to Milestone College if you live nearby

Lastly, Uttara is known for another prominent educational institution, Milestone College. This one is also in sector 4. To live near this college, you can explore apartment options in adjacent roads like road 15, 16 or even road 14. If you are looking for a family sized apartment in this area, then you can consider this 3 bedroom apartment in this area. With modern design and all the amenities, this apartment is offered at a reasonable price as well. So why wait if you are really planning to move in this area.

Like all parents, you definitely are concerned about your child’s future and education. Also, you want to have the dream apartment in your favorite area as well. That is why we brought these top five apartment choices around best colleges in Uttara for your convenience so that you can have both in one go. Once you decide which option is best for you, directly reach out to Bproperty, and we would be more than happy to help you out as per your requirement.

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